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What is it like to attend Cardiff University?
Cardiff University is a great University. It’s fairly high-ranking and well respected in professional circles, which is important once you’ve confirmed that they cover the subjects you’re interested in. Other than that one of the most important factors of choosing a city to study in is the city itself, and Cardiff is great for students.

Since it’s a small city, you get the comfort of community but also the possibility to discover new places all the time.

Students are well looked after by the university with plenty of events and clubs on offer for any of your interests.

Overall, I enjoyed my time there greatly and would recommend it to anyone.

Current fourth year engineering student.

Its a great city, the university union is big and has mostly just been refurbished this year (I think there’s still a tiny bit going on). Nights in the union are a good laugh, though if you want anything different theres always welsh club in town (a good mix of nights), or metros (some more heavy nights) or your mainstream glam (cheesefest mondays), or revs or tiger.

Theres plenty of clubs in the au and societies as well (though I only was part of au clubs). However the union occasionally makes stupid/weird decisions…(I’m looking at you students who wanted to ban BAE systems from campus, or the guys responsible media strike debacle), on a whole the actual union services are excellent.

The university is spread over cathays and as it is a city campus and your never really further than 15 mins from the centre of cardiff walking (unless your a health student). Theres an excess of student accommodation in cardiff as well, and at least in engineering some great opportunities to work during your summer (just ask your professors) or even take a year out in industry.

Cardiff is a great city with a very good university. There is a castle right in the middle of the city and many other historic sites around the city too. The professors in the university are also well known and respected in their individual fields. The only downside is the weather and it gets dark early during the winter. Best of luck.
It’s a lively city, with an excellent university. I have found the lecturers really supportive and the Welsh so friendly. I’d hugely recommend it and also explore Wales, the coast is really beautiful.
I was there in the early 90’s and it was a great place to be, very vibrant city that has changed a lot over the years but is still a lot of fun to be in!
It’s quite a few years since I completed my first degree in Cardiff but the city remains a great hub that has all the major advantages of a city without being overwhelming. Cardiff has plenty of green spaces and is easy to get in and out of.