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BA (Hons) Primary Studies with QTS

This three-year teacher training degree will provide you with the skills and knowledge to support your delivery of effective teaching and learning in a primary school. School-based study is at the heart of this teaching course. This combines with University-based elements to develop a range of teaching skills, together with subject knowledge, understanding and skills. We work in partnership with schools to incorporate national priorities in what you learn.

Experiences and opportunities build throughout the teacher training course to produce confident and competent primary school teachers. As part of this primary teacher training degree, you can undertake some of your school experience in the USA or Europe to help expand your educational understanding. This course takes the distinctive nature of education in Wales into account. However, on qualification, you can apply for posts in Wales, the UK or internationally. To see what our students are doing this term, follow Primary Teaching on Twitter.

Year One: Teacher Training Degree

  • Initial Professional Development 1
  • Curriculum Studies 1 A
  • Curriculum Studies 1 B
  • Curriculum Studies 1 C
  • Professionalism and Pedagogy 1
  • Skills for Teaching 1
  • Initial Professional Development 1

Year Two: Teacher Training Degree

  • Initial Professional Development 2
  • Curriculum Studies 2
  • Curriculum Studies 2
  • Professionalism and Pedagogy 2
  • Skills for Teaching 2

Year Three:Teacher Training Degree

  • Initial Professional Development 3
  • Curriculum Studies 3 A
  • Curriculum Studies 3 B
  • Professionalism and Pedagogy 3


The teacher training degree is taught in English, but if you’re fluent in Welsh, you may undertake some elements of University based work in Welsh and school experience in a Welsh-medium school. Alternatively you may wish to consider the BA (Hons) Astudiaethau Cynradd Gyda Statws Athro Cymwysedig.

The teacher training course is organised into two distinct areas – school-based study and university-based study.