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Interested in Sociology, Criminology, Education, Social Policy or Politics?

Whether you are inexperienced or great with numbers we offer you a multidisciplinary BSc in Social Analytics and BSc in Social Analytics and Politics through which you’ll learn about societychallenging theoriesstatistical literacyfascinating methods not to mention the placement module in your second year. For more info on UCAS codes and course requirements visit the Cardiff Course Finder

Hear from our students:

Studying Social Analytics BSc was the best decision I ever made! The fact that I am able to complete a guaranteed placement in my second year was something I was particularly drawn to, as I thought that this would aid my future career considerably.

The teaching staff across the Social Sciences are very supportive and my favourite first year module, Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics, taught me a lot of skills that I can transfer into my later studies and future career! I can’t wait to start my second year!

 Social Analytics BSc has not only enabled me to learn the core Social Science skills but the added advantage of learning specific analytical skills that businesses highlighted in feedback that graduates lacked in the work place. This course has reignited my passion for learning and studying…I would highly recommend this course to students that want to be able to have the freedom to choose a mix of the Social Sciences as well as benefiting from the amazing opportunities

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