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Accounting and FinanceMScFull-time
Advanced Clinical PracticeMSc, PgCertPart-time
Advanced Computer ScienceMScFull-time, part-time
Advanced Computer Science with PlacementMScFull-time with sandwich year
Advanced Mechanical EngineeringMScFull-time
Advanced PracticeMScFull-time, part-time
Advanced Practice (Community Health Studies)MScFull-time, part-time
Advanced Practice (Education for Health Professionals)MSc, PgCertFull-time, part-time
Advanced Practice (Non-Medical Prescribing)MSc, PgCertPart-time
Advanced Surgical PracticeMScPart-time – distance learning
Ageing Health and DiseaseMScFull-time, part-time
Ancient and Medieval WarfareMAFull-time, part-time
Ancient HistoryMAFull-time, part-time
Applied Environmental GeologyMScFull-time
Applied LinguisticsMA, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Archaeological ScienceMScFull-time, part-time
ArchaeologyMAFull-time, part-time
Architectural DesignMAFull-time
Architectural StudiesMArchFull-time with sandwich year
Architecture: Professional PracticePgDipFull-time – distance learning, part-time – distance learning
Architecture: Professional StudiesMA, PgDipFull-time – distance learning, part-time – distance learning



Bar Professional Training CoursePgDipFull-time
BioinformaticsMScFull-time, part-time
Bioinformatics and genetic epidemiologyMScFull-time, part-time
Biological ChemistryMScFull-time, part-time
Broadcast JournalismMAFull-time
Building Diagnostics for Energy and Environmental PerformanceMScFull-time, part-time
Business AdministrationMBAFull-time
Business Strategy and EntrepreneurshipMScFull-time



Cancer, Biology and TherapeuticsMScFull-time
Canon LawLLM, PgDip, PgCertPart-time – distance learning
Care of CollectionsMScFull-time, part-time
CatalysisMScFull-time, part-time
Chaplaincy StudiesMTh, PgDip, PgCertPart-time
Chaplaincy Studies: MilitaryMThPart-time
Childhood and YouthMScFull-time, part-time
Civil and Geoenvironmental EngineeringMScFull-time, part-time
Civil and Water EngineeringMScFull-time, part-time
Civil EngineeringMScFull-time, part-time
Clinical DentistryMClinDentFull-time
Clinical DermatologyMScFull-time
Clinical OptometryMSc, PgDip, PgCertPart-time – distance learning
Clinical PharmacyMScPart-time – distance learning
Clinical PhotographyPG CertPart-time – distance learning
Cognitive and Behavioural TherapiesPgDip, PgCertPart-time
Communication Technology and EntrepreneurshipMScFull-time
Community Health Studies (SPQ)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Compound Semiconductor ElectronicsMScFull-time
Compound Semiconductor PhysicsMScFull-time
Computational and Data JournalismMScFull-time
ComputingMScFull-time, part-time
Computing and IT ManagementMScFull-time, part-time
Computing and IT Management with PlacementMScFull-time with sandwich year
Computing with PlacementMScFull-time with sandwich year
Conservation PracticeMScFull-time
Creative WritingMAFull-time
Crime, Safety and JusticeMScFull-time, part-time
Critical CareMScPart-time – distance learning



Data Intensive AstrophysicsMScFull-time
Data Intensive PhysicsMScFull-time
Data Science and Analytics (MSc)MScFull-time, part-time
DiabetesMSc, PgDipPart-time – distance learning
Digital Media and SocietyMAFull-time



Early Celtic StudiesMAFull-time, part-time
Education In-ServicePCETPart-time
Education, Policy and SocietyMScFull-time, part-time
Electrical Energy SystemsMScFull-time
English LiteratureMAFull-time, part-time
Environmental Design of BuildingsMScFull-time, part-time, full-time – distance learning, part-time – distance learning
Ethics and Social PhilosophyMAFull-time, part-time
European Legal StudiesLLMFull-time, part-time
European Spatial Planning and Environmental PolicyMScFull-time other
Executive Master of Business AdministrationMBAPart-time
Eye Care GovernancePgCertPart-time – distance learning



Financial EconomicsMScFull-time
Food, Space and SocietyMScFull-time, part-time
Forensic LinguisticsMA, PgDipFull-time, part-time



Genetic and Genomic CounsellingMScPart-time – distance learning
GlaucomaPgCertPart-time – distance learning
Governance and DevolutionLLMFull-time, part-time
Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)GDipFull-time, part-time



HistoryMAFull-time, part-time
History and Archaeology of the Greek and Roman WorldMAFull-time, part-time
Human Resource ManagementMScFull-time
Human Rights LawLLMFull-time, part-time



Image AppreciationPgDip, PgCertPart-time
ImplantologyMSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Information Security and PrivacyMScFull-time, part-time
Intellectual Property LawLLMFull-time, part-time
International Commercial LawLLMFull-time, part-time
International Economics, Banking and FinanceMScFull-time
International Human Resource ManagementMScFull-time
International JournalismMAFull-time
International ManagementMScFull-time
International Planning and DevelopmentMScFull-time
International Public Relations and Global Communications ManagementMAFull-time
International RelationsMScEconFull-time, part-time
Islam in Contemporary BritainMA, PgDipFull-time, part-time



Journalism, Media And CommunicationsMAFull-time



Language and LinguisticsMA, PgDip, PgCertFull-time, part-time
Language Communication ResearchMAFull-time, part-time
Late Antique and Byzantine StudiesMAFull-time, part-time
LawLLMFull-time, part-time
Legal and Political Aspects of International AffairsLLMFull-time, part-time
Legal Aspects of Medical PracticeLLMPart-time – distance learning
Legal PracticeLLMPart-time – distance learning
Legal Practice Course (LPC)PgDipFull-time, part-time
Logistics and Operations ManagementMScFull-time



Magazine JournalismMAFull-time
Managing Care in Perioperative PracticeMScFull-time, part-time
Manufacturing Engineering Innovation & ManagementMScFull-time
Maritime Policy and Shipping ManagementMScFull-time
Master of Design AdministrationMDAFull-time – distance learning, part-time – distance learning
Media ManagementMBAFull-time
Medical EducationMSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Medical Education (e-learning)MSc, PgDip, PgCertPart-time – distance learning
Medical Research and InnovationMSc, PgDip, PgCertPart-time – distance learning
Medical ToxicologyMSc, PgDip, PgCertFull-time – distance learning, part-time – distance learning
Medicinal ChemistryMScFull-time, part-time
Medieval British StudiesMAFull-time, part-time
MusicMAFull-time, part-time



Neonatal MedicineMSc, PgDipPart-time – distance learning
Neuroimaging: Methods and ApplicationsMScFull-time
News JournalismMAFull-time



Occupational Health (Policy and Practice)MScPart-time – distance learning
Occupational TherapyMScFull-time, part-time
Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) (September Start Date)PgDipFull-time
Operational Research and Applied StatisticsMScFull-time, part-time
Operational Research, Applied Statistics and Financial RiskMScFull-time, part-time
Oral BiologyMScFull-time



Pain ManagementMScPart-time – distance learning
Pain Management (Primary and Community Care)MSc, PgDip, PgCertPart-time – distance learning
Palliative Medicine for Health Care ProfessionalsMScPart-time – distance learning
PhysiotherapyMScFull-time, part-time
Planning PracticePG CertPart-time
Political CommunicationMAFull-time
Politics and Public PolicyMScEconFull-time, part-time
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – Post-Compulsory Education and Training (PCET) Level 7PGCEFull-time, part-time
Practical DermatologyMSc, PgDipFull-time – distance learning, part-time – distance learning
Professional ConservationMScFull-time, part-time
PsychiatryMScFull-time – distance learning, part-time – distance learning
PsychologyGrad DipFull-time
Public HealthMPHFull-time, part-time



Radiographic ReportingPgDip, PgCertPart-time
RadiographyMScFull-time, part-time
Religious StudiesMAFull-time, part-time



Science, Media and CommunicationMScFull-time
Shipping LawLLMFull-time, part-time
Skills and Workforce DevelopmentMScPart-time study at another institution
Social and Public PolicyMScFull-time, part-time
Social Care LawLLMFull-time, part-time
Social ScienceMScFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Business and Management Studies)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Criminology)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Educational Studies)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Environmental Planning)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (International Relations)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Politics)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Psychology)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Science and Technology Studies)MScFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Social Policy)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Social Work)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Social-Legal) (Law)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social Science Research Methods (Sociology)MSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Social WorkMAFull-time
Spatial Planning and DevelopmentMScFull-time, part-time
Specialist Community Public Health NursingMSc, PgDipFull-time, part-time
Sports and Exercise PhysiotherapyMScFull-time, part-time
Strategic MarketingMScFull-time
Structural EngineeringMScFull-time, part-time
Sustainability, Planning and Environmental PolicyMScFull-time, part-time
Sustainable Building ConservationMScFull-time, part-time
Sustainable Energy and EnvironmentMScFull-time, part-time
Sustainable Mega-BuildingsMScFull-time, part-time



TheologyMTh, PgDip, PgCertFull-time, part-time
TherapeuticsMSc, PgDip, PgCertFull-time – distance learning, part-time – distance learning
Tissue EngineeringMScFull-time
Translation StudiesMAFull-time, part-time
Transport and PlanningMScFull-time



Urban and Regional DevelopmentMScFull-time, part-time
Urban DesignMAFull-time



Welsh and Celtic StudiesMAFull-time, part-time
Welsh Government and PoliticsMScEconFull-time, part-time
Welsh HistoryMAFull-time, part-time
Wireless and Microwave Communication EngineeringMScFull-time, part-time
Wound Healing and Tissue RepairMScPart-time – distance learning