Cardiff University Pay Scales

By | 11th May 2017

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Cardiff University Pay Scales

The University’s salary and grading structure is based on the nationally agreed single pay spine which covers the majority of HE institutions within the UK.

Clinical Salary Scales

Scale Points effective 01.04.16 – 1% PAY AWARD

 13161415.158245213244.0039379 2634.50   
 23318015.909147453460.0041385 2765.00   
 33474616.660049693676.0043391 2895.50Clinical Acad40 hours per week 
Clinical Lecturers &43631217.410851933892.0045397 3026.00NHCC  
Clinical53820018.316154634153.0047816 3183.33CLAC  
Research Fellows,64009019.222357334413.0050236 3340.83   
not74197920.128060034674.0052656 3498.25   
holding honorary84386821.033862734935.0055076 3655.67   
consultant contracts    
94575721.939565435196.0057496 3813.08   
 105066924.294772465873.0063788 4222.42   
 115474126.247178286435.0069004 4561.75   
 125881328.199684106997.0074220 4901.08Applicable to Dentists only 
Senior Clinical135066925.241272465873.0063788 4222.42   
Lecturer &145474127.269778286435.0069004 4561.75Clinical Academic38.5 hours per week 
Clinical Reader, not155881329.298284106997.0074220 4901.08CLAC  
holding166289031.329289937560.0079443 5240.83   
honorary consultant176808433.916797368277.0086097 5673.67   
187167635.7061102508772.0090698 5973.00   
Senior Clinical807365637.6709105339046.0093235 6138.00   
Lecturer,817600138.8702108689369.0096238 6333.42   
Clinical Reader &    
827992540.8771114299911.00101265 6660.42Clinical Consultant37.5 hours per week 
838448243.20781208110540.00107103 7040.17CLAN  
Professor, holding   
848968645.86931282511258.00113769 7473.83   
859265347.38681324911667.00117569 7721.08   
contracts869562648.90731367512077.00121378 7968.83  

Financial benefits

In addition to competitive salaries, we offer all staff pension schemes, childcare vouchers, reduced rates on sports memberships and more.

Competitive salary

We reward our staff with competitive salaries which include annual cost of living increases.

Pension schemes

We offer two contributory pension schemes and you will be automatically opted into the relevant scheme for your job type.

If you join us from an NHS employer and have been a member of the NHS pension scheme, you may be able to remain in that scheme.

Childcare vouchers

The University’s Day Care Centre provides care for our staff and students’ children aged 10 weeks to five years.

We offer two childcare vouchers schemes to provide a flexible way to support childcare costs: a salary sacrifice scheme for children attending the Day Care Centre and a Childcare Voucher Scheme for children using nurseries and childcare outside the University until the age of 16.

Reduced rates on sports memberships

The University has a wide range of sports and recreation facilities that staff may use at discounted rates. These include fitness facilities, sport courts, group fitness classes and personal training consultations.

Relocating to Cardiff

We may be able to help with expenses if you’re moving to Cardiff to start a new position with us.

Find out if you’re eligible for relocation support and how to claim.


For more information, please get in touch:

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