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ORCA – Online Research @Cardiff is Cardiff University’s institutional repository. It enables researchers to deposit the full text of their work or details about their work and make it freely available over the internet. In this way it helps to raise the visibility of Cardiff University’s research and helps to maximise its impact. It is not intended to be a substitute for peer-reviewed journals, but has been developed to host work by Cardiff University researchers that has already been, or will be, published elsewhere.

Services like ORCA are being developed by academic and research institutions worldwide, in order to make research publications more widely available. By compliance with a standard protocol, the Open Archive Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, it is possible for all repositories to be searched from a single point. Distributed institutional and discipline specific repositories can all be searched as if they were one, using search engines such as Google Scholar or OAISter.

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A digital repository of Cardiff University’s research outputs. The full text of publications is made freely available where possible.

Contact the ORCA Team

The ORCA Team are available to help with the deposit process and with any other questions you may have.

For all enquiries please mail us at or telephone 02920 876123. You can also follow our Twitter feed @CardiffOrca.