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Searching our collections

Find out how to search our collections and manage your search results.

Use LibrarySearch to search for books, journals and other items. You can also refine your results, save searches, and create alerts.

Please note that you will only be able to borrow and request books if you study or work at the University, or if you have joined our libraries through one of the following membership schemes:

  • NHS
  • CLIC
  • Alumni
  • Personal

Anyone can search LibrarySearch, but unless you’re a member of Cardiff University, you will not have access to full text electronic resources; you will see them in search results, but you won’t be able to access them.

All visitors can access some electronic journals and databases through our Walk In Access to Electronic Resources service.

Introduction to Library Services

Your Cardiff University Subject Librarian for the MEP is Sarah Puzey. Please email or phone Sarah with any library questions.

You can also use the ‘Ask a Librarian Live’ online chat service (Cardiff University).

  • Library Services for distance learning students
  • Library Services and Assistance for Disabled Users


The library catalogue, LibrarySearch enables you to search for and access Cardiff University’s information resources including books, ebooks, journal articles and other library materials. To find out more, watch these short videos providing an overview of the main features of LibrarySearch.