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This degree will prepare you for a rewarding working life as a foundation doctor in the NHS and your career beyond.  Our course is structured over five years to allow you to acquire knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitudes within an integrated spiral curriculum.  Our aim is to produce great clinicians who understand people and the environment in which we live.

The programme initially focuses on preparing you for learning in higher education and building a platform for integrated clinical sciences. This is delivered in the classroom, practical classes, lectures and the virtual learning environment.  You learn to apply your knowledge in the clinical environment, both in hospital and community settings.

The programme emphasises the importance of learning science in the clinical context, and the central place of the patient in a doctor’s work. We firmly believe that patients are at the heart of medical education and as such you will be introduced to patients from the first year. You will learn about common medical conditions from real patients, as well as their doctors, in authentic and impressively equipped facilities.

Patient safety, science knowledge, scholarship, and the service role of doctors are unifying themes throughout.

As you progress through the programme you will find there is increasing emphasis on the acquisition of clinical skills, initially in a simulated environment progressing to extended clinical placements with increasing responsibility in hospital and community settings throughout Wales. Throughout the course, you are expected to display the professional attributes of doctors in training.

By the time you graduate, you will have demonstrated that care of patients is your first concern. With full engagement in the course, you will be able to apply knowledge and skills in a competent and ethical manner, and use your ability to provide leadership and to analyse complex and uncertain situations.  You will have achieved all the outcomes and clinical competencies required by the General Medical Council set out in ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors 2009’.

The Medicine programme is recognised as a Primary Medical Qualification under the Medical Act, and graduates of the programme may apply for provisional registration with the General Medical Council.

Distinctive features

Whilst an Undergraduate at Cardiff University you will benefit from

  • A cutting-edge spiral curriculum based on evidence gathered from across the world
  • Teaching from internationally-renowned researchers and clinicians
  • Excellent teaching facilities
  • Having the  whole of Wales as your classroom, meaning you get a breadth of clinical experience from small, rural GP practices and small cottage hospitals to fast-paced city A&E departments and complex surgical specialties
  • A smooth transfer into the first year of your career as a doctor.

Wales is a great place to study Medicine, for so many reasons. The course combines early, hands-on clinical learning, with innovative teaching from leaders in their field. These are renowned academics and talented clinicians who are passionate about medical education and, in my experience, always happy to help. We get to see patients early on and experiencing medicine in different communities across Wales helps a lot when it’s time to choose our future specialties.

Amy Butlin, Medical Student

Key facts

UCAS Code A100
Next intake September 2017
Duration 5 years
Mode Full time
Studying in Welsh Up to 73% of this course is available through the medium of Welsh. Please contact the Admissions tutor for more information
Accreditations General Medical Council (GMC)
Typical places available The School typically has approximately 300 places available.
Typical applications received The School typically receives approximately 3500 applications.
Admissions tutor(s)

Entry requirements

For detailed entry requirements see the School of Medicine admissions criteria pages.

Typical A level offer AAA grades at A2 level. Students must offer three A2 level subjects which should normally include Chemistry and Biology. Applicants undertaking Science GCE A levels where a separate practical endorsement is reported will require a pass in this element.  General Studies, Critical Thinking and Further Mathematics are not acceptable at A2 Level.
Typical Welsh Baccalaureate offer Grade A in the Core of the Advanced Diploma, plus Grades AA in Chemistry and Biology A levels.
Typical International Baccalaureate offer Applicants require an over-all total of 36 points (excluding Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay) for entry. A minimum of 19 points must be achieved in the Higher Level subjects. Two sciences (from Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and either Mathematics or Statistics but not Mathematical Studies) must be offered at Higher Level, with a score of 7, 6, 6 points in each, one of which must be Chemistry or Biology. Chemistry or Biology must be offered at Standard Level with a score of 7 , if not at a higher level. Physics must be offered at GCSE level if not at Higher or Subsidiary Level.
Other requirements Undergraduate applicants should sit the UKCAT, and graduate applicants should sit the GAMSAT. GAMSAT requirements: 57 overall with 55 in the sciences. Applications from those offering alternative qualifications are welcome.