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Cardiff University Lifelong Learning

Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning offers an amazing range of part-time courses with something to interest just about everyone – ranging from foreign language courses available in the evenings, to short Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses for business, public sector employers and individuals.

The centre covers subjects such as law, computer studies, science and the environment, business and management, and social studies.

Some people study at the centre as a means of getting onto further courses within one of the university’s other Schools, gaining the necessary qualifications to be eligible for full degree courses. Other people just attend to follow a personal interest and continue their lifelong learning at an informal community course.

Businesses can send staff on CPD courses covering areas such as Lean Thinking, Project Management, Leadership, Communication Skills, Finance, Statistics, Marketing, and Language and Cultural Awareness.

If you fancy learning something new, it’s well worth checking out whether this centre offers what you’re looking for, as the teaching staff are generally of a good standard.