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Learning Central is the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is used extensively for the delivery of course content, and is an ideal way to make your teaching materials accessible. Ask to be added as an instructor / teacher to be able to add content yourself, or ask lecturers to do this on your behalf. Your materials can easily be accessed by the whole class on or off campus.

Learning Central offers:

  • The facility to share materials such as documents, slides, images, video etc. easily. Access to any resource uploaded to Learning Central is limited to students enrolled on an individual module.
  • More advanced options such as online assessment through web-based quizzes, tests and surveys which enable you to monitor students’ understanding.

Detailed help for Learning Central is available at Blackboard Help.

In the next section we will look at using the Resource Hub of the Information Literacy Resource Bank.

The Learning Hub is a virtual space supporting continual enhancement of the student learning experience.

Managed by the Centre for Education Innovation, it showcases and shares outstanding educational activity from across the University.

Developed by Cardiff academics, for Cardiff academics, it provides staff with direct access to case studies and accompanying resources relating to a range of effective and innovative learning and teaching practices.

This dynamic and constantly evolving space also provides an opportunity for all members of the University to comment on, and contribute to, the range of resources available; bringing together the learning and teaching community and assisting in the development of excellent educational practice.

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Our themes reflect key areas of activity and expertise across Cardiff University, and will evolve to reflect the ever changing nature of learning and teaching in Higher Education.

The existing themes highlighted within the Learning Hub are:

  • Designing for Learning
  • Supporting your teaching
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Supporting Students
  • Professional Development.

Providing Learning Central Support

After your learning resources have been digitised, or links created, we can upload them to Learning Central on your behalf. All materials will have the appropriate Cardiff University Harvard reference and, in the case of physical items we have been unable to digitise, their location will be provided. We can organise the material in any manner you request – for instance, weekly, or to display after a certain date.

We can also advise on using materials such as clips and programmes from Box of Broadcasts, as well as other online resources. We can also assist with copyright clearance and uploading your own materials.