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We are committed to providing an outstanding teaching and learning experience for our students.

Our vibrant student body combined with highly qualified academic staff provides the perfect environment to explore the dynamic and fast-paced fields of law, politics and international relations. We attract students from all over the world and offer a friendly, supportive and culturally diverse School in which to study.

We are proud of our diverse and vibrant research culture and have been recognised as a leading legal research institute with nearly all our research activity being classed as world leading or internationally excellent in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (as the Cardiff Law School). Ranking 14th in the UK according to The Complete Universities Guide, our Political Science programme also enjoys a reputation for excellence and attracts funding in a number of areas. Research expertise includes political theory, public policy, the politics of devolution, and International Relations, including international law, global ethics, security and piracy.

Our long established reputation for scholarship in the area of socio-legal studies is focused on the newly established Centre for Law and Society and the Journal of Law and Society which we host. It is enriched by extensive collaboration with other Schools in the University and beyond. We also work closely with a number of centres including the The British Idealism and Collingwood Centre and the Wales Governance Centre, as well as external partners like the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.

Cardiff School of Law and Politics

Internationally recognised for its vibrant research culture, accomplished staff and matched by high teaching standards.

French and Politics (BA)LR21Full time
German and Politics (BA)LR22Full time
International Relations (BScEcon)305QFull time
International Relations and Politics (BScEcon)L290Full time
International Relations and Politics (with a Language) (BScEcon)L292Full time
Italian and Politics (BA)LR23Full time
Journalism, Communications and Politics (BA)J323Full time
Law (LLB)M100Full time
Law and Criminology (LLB)M190Full time
Law and French (LLB)RM11Full time
Law and German (LLB)RM21Full time
Law and Politics (LLB)ML12Full time
Law and Sociology (LLB)ML13Full time
Law and Welsh (LLB)MQ15Full time
Politics (BScEcon)L200Full time
Politics (Cardiff) and Diploma d’Etudes Politiques (BScEcon)L241Full time
Politics and Economics (BScEcon)LL12Full time
Politics and Modern History (BScEcon)LV21Full time
Politics and Philosophy (BA)LV25Full time
Politics and Sociology (BScEcon)LL32Full time
Politics and Spanish (BA)LR24Full time
Religious Studies and Politics (BA)VL62Full time
Welsh and Politics (BA)QL52Full time