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Don’t worry, we all know you don’t know what Korfball is.

THAT’S FINE (most of us didn’t either till we saw the big yellow thing in the Great Hall!)

So what is it…? Here’s a summary for you!

Korfball is a fast-paced and dynamic game that is the only truly mixed team sport in the world. (It’s not netball…)

The game gets its name from the Dutch word Korf which means basket. (That’s the yellow thing!)

There are 8 players in a team – 4 boys and 4 girls. (That’s right, mixed!)

It is played on a rectangular pitch which is divided into two halves. One half is the attack zone and the other half is the defence zone respectively. (….No seriously. It’s not netball!!)

Four players from each team – 2 boys and 2 girls – occupy the attacking and defending zones. (Take a minute….it’s not as complicated as it sounds!) The players switch zones after every 2 goals scored.

One third of the way towards the halfway line in each half of the court is a goalpost with a basket. It’s much higher than the basket in basketball (3.5m) and has no backboard. We shoot to score!


Maybe this will help:

And if it’s still not too clear or you want to see some Korfball in action, watch this match:

The competitive side…

In 2016, we had 2 teams competing in BUCS, with our 1st team coming in 5th place in the Championships and our 2nd team 9th in the National Trophy (against university teams from all over the UK).

This year we will be entering all three of our teams to give everyone the chance to play some extremely competitive and most importantly, fun Korfball.

All 3 teams will participate in the Welsh League at least every fortnight, maybe even every week (depending on fixtures).

Not only are we a top class sports club, but we also host a social or two

…or twenty

…they may be a bit messy on occasion, but we cater for all.

Whether it’s to a pub, club or simply to get some grub, we host a variety of socials that are most definitely needed after a long day of Korfing… all are welcome.