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Cardiff University John Percival Building

John Percival Building

Colum Drive
CF10 3EU

The John Percival Building can be accessed from Colum Road, turning onto Colum Drive. From Corbett Road, follow the path past the Arts and Social Studies Library, where there is a short and slightly steep slope, then a flat path leading to the main entrance.

From Colum Drive and the car park, follow the path between the Arts and Social Studies Library and the John Percival Building. This path has a very slight gradient. There is an accessible side entrance door (see entrances below) very close to the accessible parking bays.

There is a barrier to access the Colum Drive Site which is operated with a University ID card. There is an intercom at the barrier and a security lodge close by if assistance is required. The security lodge telephone number is +44 (0)29 2087 6717.

Once through the barrier, follow the road to the right and the John Percival building is ahead on the right.

There is level access (with a very slight incline) and automatic sliding doors at the main entrance of the John Percival Building.

The side accessible entrance is located next to an accessible parking bay. There is a small ramp leading up to the side entrance door. The side entrance door can only be opened with an approved university identification card. If you require access through this door, please contact your tutor or manager. The card reader is positioned at an accessible height for wheelchair users.

There is a unisex accessible toilet on the ground floor (0.16A), within the refectory. There are also unisex accessible toilets on the first floor (1.65), on the third floor (3.55), on the fourth floor (4.22) and on the fifth floor (5.27). There are male and female standard cubicle toilets on all floors.