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A modern Asian language shaped by ancient customs and culture.

Contemporary Japan is founded on a rich and fascinating cultural history that stretches back thousands of years. It remains a major economic power as well as an innovator in the fast-moving automotive and electronic industries.

We offer a leading British centre of Japanese Studies. Japanese can be studied as part of a joint honours degree and can be combined with Business Studies, French, German, Italian or Spanish. By the end of the course, students will be proficient in the Japanese language, as well as having an excellent understanding of life and culture in Japan.

We offer the following Japanese courses:

Course UCAS code
Business Studies and Japanese (BSc) NT12
French and Japanese (BA) TR21
German and Japanese (BA) TR22
Italian and Japanese (BA) TR23
Modern Languages and Translation (Japanese) (BA) 76D3
Portuguese and Japanese (BA) W4Y6
Spanish and Japanese (BA) TR24

Why study Japanese?

A joint honours degree in Japanese offers exciting prospects for anyone interested in Japan. With the huge amount of Japanese investment and interest in UK-based manufacturing, finance and marketing, the link with Japan continues to be a healthy one that is likely to foster many career opportunities for those fluent in Japanese.

Study or work abroad

Students have the opportunity to spend time in Japan during their third year and immerse themselves in Japanese culture and language. During this year, students should develop a high level of language skills in order to complete an advanced language course in their final year in Cardiff.