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Printing using FollowMe

FollowMe is a service that allow you to print documents from anywhere in the University.

To use it, you will need the iPrint client and to set up the FollowMe service.

1 – Installing the iPrint client

If you are using a CUBRIC workstation or if you are using NoMachine, the iPrint client is already installed. Please jump to section 2).

On Windows or Mac OS X, you have to download the iPrint client. You can use one of the following links:

Mac OS X (Enter your Cardiff University login and navigate to Mac OS X->Utlities->Printers->Follow-Me Printing)


Note: the iPrint client is a bit clumsy to de-install on Mac OS X, make sure you download the de-installer utility at the same time of later use.

2 – Setting up FollowMe

Once the iPrint client has been installed, you can now had the FollowMe printer. To add the FollowMe driver, please visit:

Search for FollowMe and click on the link to add the service to your list of printers.

FollowMe has been introduced to save paper at the University level. Considering that 60% of the requested printing jobs are never collected, a significant reduction in wasted paper and ink can be achieved by requiring the user to physically go to the printer to activate the printing job and collect the printed document.

For this reason you will have to use your CUBRIC access card to access the printer menu and initiate the printing.

Note: make sure that the paper format is set to A4 in your printing settings.