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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for organisational and staff development, human resources operations and safety, health and the environment.

It covers the following areas:

  • human resources operations
  • organisation and staff development
  • safety and environment
  • salaries
  • staff counselling

Human Resources Operations develops and delivers HR policies which contribute to the University’s objectives and provides HR advice on all HR-related matters.

Organisation and Staff Development assists in planning and arranging development programmes that support improved individual, team and organisational effectiveness.

Safety and Environment are dedicated to providing a cost effective centre of excellence to promote the health and safety of staff, students and visitors.

The Salaries Section is responsible for paying all University employees and Staff counselling offer a range of confidential support services to all members of staff.

The way you access HR and Payroll information is changing

As of this week the way you access your HR and Payroll information is changing. Karen Cooke, Business Change Lead for Cardiff People tells us more:

From today you will begin to access elements of your personal information such as your address, contact details and role related information through the new Cardiff People HR and Payroll system. This is the first significant improvement in the way that staff access and manage their personal information at Cardiff University.

In preparation for the new system colleagues in central HR and in your local area who deal with HR matters have been checking some of the data that has been moved into the new system for accuracy.  As you can imagine this has been a significant task for an organisation with 6,500 staff and the priority has been to check that salary related information has been correct.

To ensure that Human Resources can support staff across the University efficiently and effectively in checking and amending their personal data go live will be phased in for different sections of the University as follows: