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General x-ray departments are located at all of our hospital sites so it is vital that you carefully read your appointment letters to ensure that you attend the correct radiology department.
What is an X-ray?

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An X-ray is a picture of the internal structures of the body. It is made by passing a controlled amount of radiation through the body and onto a film or digital detector. The examination may take the form simply be a series of simple x-ray pictures of a more specialist complex examination using Fluoroscopy.

Are there any risks?
Diagnostic X-rays use a very small amount of radiation. We are all receiving radiation from the natural environment around us, this is known as ‘background radiation’. Most X-rays use an amount of radiation that is equivalent to a few weeks or days of this background radiation.
If you are pregnant, you must inform the Radiographer before the X-ray. Radiation can be harmful to the developing foetus (unborn baby), and special precautions may be needed.

Before my appointment

You will receive an appointment letter through the post. This will detail the expected length of visit and any specific restriction or instructions, as certain scans require dietary restriction or specific medication prior to, and after, the examination.

Your examination may take place at the Main x-ray department in the University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park or University Hospital Llandough, so please check your appointment letter to ensure that you attend the correct Hospital. Radiology Departments Link
What if I cannot attend the appointment?

If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, please inform the x-ray department immediately. This will enable us to rearrange your appointment to a more suitable time.