Cardiff University Gym Opening Times

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Cardiff University Gym Opening Times

Opening times. The Fitness and Squash Centre is open Monday to Friday from 06:45 to 21:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Strength and Conditioning

Designed to provide the facilities for elite athletes to maximise their potential and give themselves that extra competitive edge.

Strength and Conditioning has been temporarily relocated to the Cardiff University Sports Training Village at Talybont during 2016/2017 due to redevelopments.

Facility hire

Fitness room (induction)FreeFree£15.80
Fitness room (entrance)FreeFree£4.70
Exercise classesFree£4.70£4.70
Fitness services£20.30£20.30£20.30
Aerobic studio casual useFreeFree£4.80
Strength and conditioning coaching£32.20£32.20£32.20
Treatment room use£7.60£7.60£7.60
Fitness room exclusive hire£192.60£192.60£192.60
Aerobic studio exclusive hire£29.80 (peak) £37.30 (off-peak)£29.80 (peak) £37.30 (off-peak)£29.80 (peak) £37.30 (off-peak)

Competency in specific lifting techniques must be demonstrated before taking part in some sessions. For more information please contact the Centre directly.

Changing rooms

Changing rooms are free for gold and platinum members or £1 for pay and play.


Bookings should be made by contacting the reception. The use of University sports facilities is subject to terms and conditions.

The GYM GYM a society that welcomes students of Welsh Cardiff University, in order to engage and enjoy a variety of activities through the medium of Welsh. A large number of different events throughout the year that include a lot of socializing, lots of fun, and plenty of heavy drinker, but also a great way to make new friends in Welsh! Attached and weekly events, we offer special opportunities for members throughout the year, which included a trip to Dublin in Ireland, Wales v Ireland game for during the six nations championship, various outings such as a trip secret , weekends in Welsh universities through the Intercollegiate connections.

Opening times

Strength and Conditioning is open Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 22:30 and Saturday and Sunday from 08:30 to 20:00.