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Cardiff University Graduation

Graduation Week is a time to celebrate the success of our students with peers, family and friends. Our 2017 ceremonies will run from Monday 17 July to Friday 21 July.

Planning your graduation

Graduation week is a busy and exciting time for our students, guests and staff. We want all attendees to enjoy this occasion, marking a proud moment for our students as they celebrate the culmination of their hard studies.

Receive your invitation

Your invitation is the start of your graduation, so you need to know when, how and where your invite will be sent to you.

Order tickets

Our graduation ceremonies are a popular event in our academic calendar and we try to ensure a fair system with ticket allocation.

Order and collect your academic dress

As a formal event, all graduates are required to dress smartly and wear academic dress throughout the duration of the ceremony.

Order your photos and DVD

Once the big day is over, you can relive the experience of your graduation day through professional photos and a DVD of your ceremony.

Book accommodation

If you or your guests are travelling some distance to attend graduation, or wish to spend a few days in Cardiff, then there are a number of accommodation options available.

Venues and travel

Our graduation ceremonies are held in the prestigious St David’s Hall in Cardiff city centre with registration, academic dress collection and official photography taking place in City Hall.

On the day

Make graduation more enjoyable for you and your guests by knowing what you need to be doing, where and when.

Tell us your story

If you would like to have contact with the media during graduation week, the Communications team would be delighted to hear from you.