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CUFC- The Heart of Football in Cardiff

Cardiff University Football Club is one of the strongest, most competitive and most popular within the University, boasting over 200 members from a range of academic disciplines.

C.U.F.C currently has 7 teams competing in the British University and Colleges Sports league (BUCS) and Inter Mural Games (IMG),

The 1st XI  competes in the annual Varsity Series against Swansea  University. The event is heavily publicised and is broadcast on the student radio stations at the respective universities.

All levels are welcome to trial for the club and it will not only benefit your football abilities but also improve your social life! CUFC has a great reputation for socials and it is a great way for everyone to get to know each other and other sport teams.

Join: Cardiff University Football Club 2016/17 Facebook Page for information about social events and more upcoming trials!

Our Refund Policy:

If for whatever reason you were unable to attend trials and would not like to continue your social membership you will be entitled to a full refund if you can provide us with your membership number.

If you attended trials and unfortunately didn’t quite make a team we offer a partial refund of £15. The other £20 goes towards paying for your social membership and your trialling fee.

If you did attend trials and didn’t quite make a team and would like to still be eligible to attend re-trials and socials you will not be entitled to any refund.

The additional £15 that you paid for Athletic Union Membership is refundable by the Athletic Union per request at the finance office providing you’re not a member of any other clubs with in the Athletics Union.

Refunds can only be processed up until October 9th.

For enquiries contact:

Josh Kellett – President
Email Address:

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  • Men’s Football Club Standard Membership£35.00

Men’s Football Club Dual Membership£50.00 Men’s Football Club Futsal Membership£20.00