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Cardiff University Extenuating Circumstances

During your studies you might experience personal circumstances such as illness or bereavement, which may disrupt your ability to study or affect your performance in an assessment or an examination. These are referred to as extenuating circumstances and should be reported to your Academic School as soon as they arise and before the School deadline.

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What are extenuating circumstances?

The University defines extenuating circumstances as circumstances which:

  • have prevented you from performing at your usual level in an assessment or examination
  • are severe and exceptional
  • are unforeseen or unavoidable
  • occur close in time to the affected assessment or examination.

What circumstances are likely to be accepted?

These circumstances are likely to be accepted if suitable evidence is provided, however this is not a complete list:

  • serious short-term illness or accident
  • bereavement – for example the death of a close relative or friend, partner or significant other
  • evidence of a long-term health condition worsening or a change in symptoms
  • significant adverse personal/family circumstances
  • being a victim of a serious crime
  • disability or impairment where it has not been possible to put required adjustments in place

Please note: the University will always consider other extenuating circumstances where you can show significant impact on your performance in assessments.

What circumstances are unlikely to be accepted?

These are examples of circumstances which the University say are less likely to be accepted in isolation. This list is not exhaustive:

  • statement of a medical condition without reasonable evidence (medical or otherwise) to support it
  • medical circumstances that occur outside the relevant assessment or learning period for which appropriate adjustments have already been made (e.g. extensions, specific provision)
  • minor illnesses or ailments which should not reasonably disrupt your ability to work
  • long-term health conditions for which the student is already receiving reasonable and appropriate adjustments to assessments
  • some computer, printing or other IT-related problems
  • poor time management
  • holidays, weddings or other family-related events
  • paid employment
  • attendance at, or participation in, sporting, musical or other events
  • where there is a reasonable case that the circumstances reported were foreseeable or preventable.

Please note: if your circumstances appear in this list but you feel they have seriously affected your academic performance then you should still report them to your School.