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The Doctoral Academy, launched on 1 September 2016, is a dynamic academic unit to grow, coordinate and support postgraduate research provision at the University..

The Academy builds on the success of the University Graduate College (UGC) as a centre of excellence for training and skill development of postgraduate research students at Cardiff. It continues to promote and support the delivery of an outstanding student experience, including a comprehensive training programme for postgraduate researchers.

The Academy also supports the University’s ambition to attract more postgraduate researchers to Cardiff. It works closely with Schools, Colleges and key Professional Services teams to develop a coordinated approach to increase postgraduate research student numbers, in line with the ambitions set out in The Way Forward.

Research students are involved in the organisation by their membership in the ‘Postgraduate Research Network’, which brings together School Directors of PGR Studies, School PGR Student Representatives, College PGR Deans and the Academy’s Director and staff to discuss issues and provide input into the Academy’s activities.

A to Z of research programmes


Accounting and FinancePhDFull-time, part-time
Applied Clinical Research and Public HealthPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Applied MathematicsPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Architectural Design and PracticePhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Architectural History and TheoryPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Architectural SciencePhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Astronomy and AstrophysicsPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Astronomy InstrumentationPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time


BiomedicinePhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time


Cancer and GeneticsPhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time
Catalysis in the Cardiff Catalysis InstitutePhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Chemical BiologyPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Clinical Investigation and Vision SciencesPhDFull-time, part-time
Comparative Politics, Policy and GovernancePhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Complex SystemsPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
CompositionPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Condensed Matter and PhotonicsPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time


Data and Knowledge EngineeringPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Drug Delivery and MicrobiologyPhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time


Engineering: Energy and EnvironmentPhD, MPhil, EngDFull-time, part-time
Engineering: Health, Technology and the Digital WorldPhD, MPhil, EngDFull-time, part-time
Engineering: Mechanics, Materials and Advanced ManufacturingPhD, MPhil, EngDFull-time, part-time
European Politics and Area StudiesPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time


Gravitational PhysicsPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time


Infection and ImmunityPhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time
Inorganic ChemistryPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
International Relations and GlobalisationPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time


Logistics and Operations ManagementPhDFull-time, part-time


Management, Employment and OrganisationPhDFull-time, part-time
Marketing and StrategyPhDFull-time, part-time
Medicinal ChemistryPhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time
Molecular BiosciencesPhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time
MusicologyPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time


NeurosciencePhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time


Operational ResearchPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Oral and Biomedical SciencesPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Organic SynthesisPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Organisms and EnvironmentPhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time


PerformancePhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Pharmacology and PhysiologyPhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time
Pharmacy Practice and Clinical PharmacyPhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time
Physical Organic ChemistryPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Political TheoryPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Population MedicinePhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time
Probability and StatisticsPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Psychological Medicine and Clinical NeurosciencesPhD, MPhil, MDFull-time, part-time
Pure MathematicsPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time


Solid State MaterialsPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Structural BiophysicsPhDFull-time, part-time


Theoretical and Computational ChemistryPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time


Visual ComputingPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time
Visual NeurosciencePhDFull-time, part-time


WalesPhD, MPhilFull-time, part-time

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