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These dates apply to undergraduate modular programmes.

Non-modular, postgraduate and health-related programmes may have alternative semester dates.

Enrolment week Monday 25 September 2017 Friday 29 September 2017
Autumn semester Monday 2 October 2017 Friday 26 January 2018
Christmas recess Saturday 16 December 2017 Sunday 7 January 2018
Examination period Monday 15 January 2018 Friday 26 January 2018
Spring semester Monday 29 January 2018 Friday 15 June 2018
Easter recess Saturday 24 March 2018 Sunday 15 April 2018
Examination period Monday 14 May 2018 Friday 15 June 2018
Resit examination week Monday 13 August 2018 Friday 24 August 2018

HR Excellence in Research Award

How we approached the internal evaluation

This evaluation was conducted by a University Working Group, chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC). Its membership included, the Training & Development Manager for Research Staff, Chair of the Cardiff University Research Staff Association (CURSA), the Director of Leadership and Organisational Development, the Head of Research Development, a Careers and Employability Business Partner, a College Human Resources Business Partner and a Director of Research from our three academic Colleges.

Development included integration of findings from the 2015 Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS) and concurrent University Staff survey which helped to reinforce findings and highlight areas requiring focus.

For the purpose of the interim review, we have submitted:

  • An overview of progress against the original Cardiff University Concordat Plan for 2010-2016.  This paper outlines where progress has been maintained, initiatives mainstreamed and where developments have continued incrementally.
  • A 2016-2018 forward plan integrating actions from the original Concordat plan, our 2014 HR Excellence plan and our CROS 2015 evaluation.  Actions which would previously be coded “amber” in the Concordat plan are presented here.  This two year plan outlines significant or recent institutional developments which are relevant to Concordat principles and also highlights key tasks we will focus on in the next two years.  These objectives are summarised in Section 5.