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Students and instructors using Cardiff University Learning Central can get the Blackboard Mobile Learn app for free. This will provide access to your modules and content on your mobile device. For more information on the features of the app, go to the Blackboard Mobile site. (Note: you can also connect your device to Cardiff University Wifi).

  • Android App: (Download) or search for “Blackboard Mobile Learn” in the Google Play app on your device.
  • Apple App: (Download), or search for “Blackboard Mobile Learn” in the iTunes Store app on your device.

Once you have the app installed, open it, search for “Cardiff University”, tap to select and login with your University username and password.

Having used Blackboard Collaborate at another institution, it did not come as a total surprise that a number of students struggled to successfully access the sessions due to technical barriers, most of which were related to the infrastructure of Collaborate but compounded by other factors.

For example, Collaborate relies on Java to launch, and while the exact nature of problems varied, most students who had problems opening Collaborate were accessing from their workplace (local authorities across Wales) or from a work laptop, and restrictions and firewalls prevented many from either installing the Collaborate launcher or opening the necessary ‘meeting.collab’ file for entry into the room.

Nearly all of the students who accessed from the workplace needed the help of their local IT support team; in most cases this helped them resolve problems and get access but a few were still unable to access even with this help. Most students who accessed from home were able to do so without significant problems.

A number of students who had problems claimed to have accessed the Collaborate configuration room successfully beforehand as recommended; this suggests that the Collaborate configuration room might not be as useful as previously thought as a preparatory and diagnostic tool. It may in future be better to ask students to test their computer set-up within Learning Central, possibly using one of the default module rooms.