Cardiff University Accommodation Prices

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Cardiff University Accommodation Prices

Estimated living costs for UK/EU undergraduate in University accommodation
Rent (including bills)GBP 87.82GBP 381.86GBP 3,400.00
FoodGBP 33.00GBP 143.49GBP 1,277.57
Books and copyingGBP 8.75GBP 38.05GBP 338.75
SocialGBP 30.00GBP 130.44GBP 1,161.43
ClothesGBP 7.50GBP 32.61GBP 290.36
Laundry and toiletriesGBP 5.00GBP 21.74GBP 193.57
TravelGBP 9.00GBP 39.13GBP 348.43
Telephone/mobile and TV licence (assuming a TV licence for each bedroom is bought)GBP 8.50GBP 36.96GBP 329.07
TotalGBP 189.57GBP 824.29GBP 7,339.18

Important legal information

This tool is intended to give you an example of living cost for a student at University. Actual living costs will vary from student to student.

Please note: all living costs quoted are reasonable estimates but should not be relied upon. It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient funds to meet living costs while studying at the University.

Please note that these figures represent the average cost of living in Cardiff. Students who are on a budget can live on less if they wish to do so.

International students

The minimum cost of living as recommended by UKVI for studying outside London is £1,015 per month. To pass the maintenance test for your Tier 4 student visa, you will have to show you have money for the cost of your first year tuition fees and living costs of £9,135.