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These dates apply to undergraduate modular programmes.

Non-modular, postgraduate and health-related programmes may have alternative semester dates.

Enrolment week Monday 25 September 2017 Friday 29 September 2017
Autumn semester Monday 2 October 2017 Friday 26 January 2018
Christmas recess Saturday 16 December 2017 Sunday 7 January 2018
Examination period Monday 15 January 2018 Friday 26 January 2018
Spring semester Monday 29 January 2018 Friday 15 June 2018
Easter recess Saturday 24 March 2018 Sunday 15 April 2018
Examination period Monday 14 May 2018 Friday 15 June 2018
Resit examination week Monday 13 August 2018 Friday 24 August 2018

Our Welsh Language Scheme has been approved and commended by the Welsh Language Commissioner.

It’s important that everyone gets the opportunity to use their Welsh every day and the University has a strong Welsh Language Scheme to facilitate this.

Welsh Language Scheme

The Scheme sets out how the University will work to embed the Welsh language within its culture and working practices and also how it will develop its Welsh medium educational provision.


What can Welsh speakers expect from us?

  • We welcome correspondence and telephone enquiries in Welsh and will ensure that all correspondence received by the University in Welsh receives a signed reply in Welsh.
  • If you receive circulars and standard letters from us, they will be bilingual.
  • Our centrally produced publications and printed materials will also be published bilingually.
  • All the University’s Corporate web pages and our Colleges, Schools, Departments, Research Centres and Institutes’ homepages will be available in Welsh and English.

What can we offer Welsh speaking students?

We have a large number of Welsh speaking students studying with us. So providing you with the opportunity to study and live your life through the medium of Welsh is something we take very seriously.

Learning through the medium of Welsh

The University is fully committed to the recent sector-wide developments in relation to Welsh medium provision. We offer a significant amount of modules which can be studied through the medium of Welsh across a wide range of subjects from Law to Medicine.

We also have exciting plans to develop many more opportunities to study through the medium of Welsh which you can read about on the Cardiff branch of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol site.


You can ask for a Welsh-speaking personal tutor, provided there are Welsh-speaking members of the teaching staff in your subject area. If there are no Welsh-speaking members in the teaching staff, an appropriate member of staff from another School will be asked to tutor you.

In the School of Welsh and Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Welsh for Adults Centre, all students have Welsh speaking tutors.


You’ll be offered the opportunity to sit your exams through the medium of Welsh, irrespective of whether you’ve received your tutoring in Welsh.

If you want to sit your exams in Welsh we’ll ensure that your assessed coursework, examination papers and scripts are translated where Welsh-speaking markers are not available. These arrangements are subject to any national or professional body guidance, regulations or QAA Guidance.


We’ll ask you when you register if you prefer to receive your personal correspondence in Welsh or English or bilingually. We’ll then ensure that we communicate with you in your preferred language.


If you’re based in Wales we’ll offer you the choice to be interviewed in Welsh when we invite you to your interview.


You’ll have the opportunity to apply for accommodation which is specifically set aside for Welsh speakers at two halls of residence, Senghennydd Court and Talybont North.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the University’s Welsh Language Scheme please contact the Head of the Welsh Language Unit, Carole Evans.

Welsh Language Services Unit