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How to prepare your files for 3D printing

All work must be submitted as stereolithography (.STL) files (available as an export option from 3DS Max). Make sure your 3D model does not have cantilevers at less than 45 degrees.

The School’s Ultimaker 2 is available for BSc Year 2 , BSc Year 3 and MArch Year 2 students with the following conditions:

  • First come first served but MArch 2 students take priority.
  • Available only when a laser cutter monitor is working Users should operate the machine responsibly and read the support documentation provided.
  • Laser cutter monitors will be on hand to assist but not print for you.

The maker prints it’s own file type so you must use the Cura software to convert your .stl files. Files will be routinely deleted from the printers SD card so keep a backup should you need to print again. There is a build limit of: 223 x 223 x 205mm
More information is available at:

CNC Routing

The School has a RouterCAM T-1290 CNC router which is only accessible for 5th and 3rd years. If you wish to use the CNC please visit the IT office or the Digital Fabrication supervisor.

Axis Travel: 1220 x 900 x 130mm
Max. Machinable: 1220 x 900 x 110mm
Maximum Feed Rate: 200mm/sec (12m/min)
Spindle Motor: 2.2kW (3hp)
Spindle Speed: 12,000-24,000rpm
Max. Collet Size: 16mm
Resolution: 0.05mm

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