Cardiff University 2017 Student Room

By | 9th May 2017

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Cardiff University 2017 Student Room

This new section of The Student Room makes it easy to see which students are getting uni places… and where. You can check specific unis and courses to see the offers people have got and – crucially – whether they got a place.

That’s the kind of information usually known only to the universities themselves. But, with your help and the rest of the TSR community, we’re able to shine a light on who’s getting into which uni… and why.

Get started now by connecting to the unis and courses you are applying to, and see how you compare.

We have a range of residences to suit individual preferences and budgets.

What’s more, undergraduates and overseas/EU postgraduates (arriving in September) are guaranteed a place for their first year.

Booking and room allocation

Choose which residence you would like and how to apply for it and accept it.

Student reading

Undergraduates: How to book

Choose where you want to live, apply online, accept online.

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Postgraduates: How to book

Choose where you want to live, apply online, accept online.

Cartwright Court 1-bed Flat – Bedroom

Room allocation

Your application is processed in date order according to two dates.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding bookings or room allocation, then please contact:

Residences Office

Rooms available 2016/17: Please contact the Residences Office on +44 (0)29 2087 4849 or email