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​​​Our alumni are doing fascinating things, leading fascinating lives. In a huge variety of fields including sport, art, education, design, nutrition​​​, business, healthcare and the media, we could pick from a dazzling array of stars and proudly say “They’re one of us”.

Some of these are household names – Roy Noble, Gareth Edwards, Ryan Jones, Dai Greene, David Emanuel, Julien Macdonald, John Inverdale, Michael Buerk and ​​Helen Glover to name just a few.

Many other alumni are not famous, but their education and hard work has helped them to fulfill their own particular dream.

Below are some stories from your successful Alumni Network.​

Jack Allen, 1961, Education (P.E.),Writer

Jack Allen graduated from Cardiff Met in 1961, since then he has been a Teacher, Rugby league professional, Head of Behavioural Unit for Disaffected Pupils, and more recently a Writer. Jack tells us about his time at the College and about his new novel:

When The Whistle Blows by Jack Allen is published by Dedalus.

Tells the story of Caleb Duck an inner-city comprehesive teacher who embarks upon a one man crusade to break the cycle of deprivation that inflicts the pupil​s of his Integrated Studies Department. He fights to raise the standards in good manners, literacy, numeracy and ping pong whilst championing their right to become controllers of their own destiny. He leaves behind a trail of damaged people, property and pupils behind him in his attempt to assert the primacy of old fashioned values and give Council Taxpayers value for money.

“A wacky and original novel which will bring comic relief and a shared sense of understanding to those who have experienced the joys and horrors of teaching.”Bath Chronicle

“Brutal, strange and very funny. The depraved spiral never falters. Recommended reading for anyone who misspent their youth in a comprehensive school.”The Third Alternative Magazine