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Cardiff Metropolitan University Mitigating Circumstances

Cardiff Metropolitan University Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating Circumstances

Further guidance on mitigating circumstances applications for Disabled students.

Cardiff Metropolitan has a Mitigating Circumstances procedure to ensure that students are not placed at a disadvantage as a result of exceptional circumstances.

It remains the responsibility of the student to make the application for Mitigating Circumstances. Members of the Disability Service can not do this on your behalf.

The guidelines and application form for mitigating circumstances can be found by following the link to the Academic handbook which is available to all Cardiff Met students:

Follow this link to access the Academic Handbook

It is important that you read these guidelines carefully to ensure that you are familiar with them. These guidelines will help you make an appropriate application.

The Mitigating Circumstances procedure is intended to address the impact of exceptional circumstances. This is explained more fully in the guidance detailed above.

Having declared a disability is not in itself an “exceptional circumstance”. Once you have declared a disability/dyslexia or a long term health issue to the Disability Service you will be offered a range of support to deal with the impact of this.

Although it can take a while to establish support you will be advised of interim solutions. These may include information about:

  • Use of computer facilities in the Learning Centres that have access to assistive software, e.g. ClaroRead and MindView.
  • The Library Services Website
  • The Academic Fellow service

You are required to communicate on a regular basis with the Disability Service to ensure you can access all the support available to you. If you miss appointments (including if you do not update your contact details with us) there may be a delay in establishing support. Once you are allocated a Dyslexia Study Skills Tutor or support worker it is your responsibility to arrange and attend regular sessions with them. The Disability Service staff can not chase you up if you miss appointments!