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MetSearch (new e-Library and catalogue)

​​​​​​​MetSearch is Cardiff Met’s brand new library management system. MetSearch replaces Summon and the library catalogue, giving you a single place to ​​find electronic and print material and manage your library account.

You need to be signed in to manage your account, save your favourites and search all of our collections. Simply click on the Sign in link in the top right corner of any screen in MetSearch.

Access MetSearch in English or Welsh by clicking on one of the logos below:

MetSearch logo English.png Logo ChwilioMet Cymraeg

How To Guide – Introducing MetSearch


​​e-Journal and Database A-Z

​​If you are looking for a specific e-journal title or database, you can access an e-journal A-Z and a database A-Z from the main menu bar in MetSearch.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We offer a vast collection of material covering all academic disciplines and research areas of Cardiff Met.  You can access MetSearch​​ to search our physical and electronic collections.​​

In September 2016 we introduced automatic loan renewals. ​ This means:

  • ​​​One week loan period: everything apart from reference items and 4-hour loans is now loanable for a week at a time so you will not need to check each item to see how long you can take it out for.
  • Auto-renewals: if no-one else requests your item, and as long as your account is not blocked, it will automatically renew for another week​.
  • Recalls: if an item you have on loan is reserved by someone else, you will receive an email notification asking you to return it.  You will not have to bring it back any earlier but you will need to bring it back by the current due date. If a reserved item is not returned by its due date, you will be fined £1 per day in overdue fines up to a maximum of £10 per item.
  • Reservations: items will automatically renew unless they are reserved.  If an item that you would like to borrow is on loan, please reserve it.  Placing a reservation will prompt the user who has the item on loan to return it.​
  • Managing your account: remember that you can check what items you have on loan and their due dates as well as check your current reservations via My Account in MetSearch (you will need to enter your IT username and password to login). You can also manually renew your items here.
  • Notifications: you will receive an automated monthly statement of your library activities.  If one of the items you have on loan is reserved, you will receive a separate notification.  All notifications are sent to your Cardiff Met email.

How do I reserve books online?

If you want to get hold of an item that is on loan, make sure you reserve it so that the current borrower knows that they need to bring it back. You will need to click on Sign in tab in MetSearch (enter your IT username and password) then find the item you want to borrow, click on the Get It tab then click the Reserve @ Cardiff Met button. ​​​​

Document Delivery

​​The Document Delivery Service assists Cardiff Metropolitan staff and students to access materials which are not held at Cardiff Met. This includes: books; book chapters; journals; journal articles; conference papers; reports; patents and theses.

Access our online forms by clicking the images on the right.

You can contact us at anytime via

Library Training

​​​Library Services provides a wide range of training designed to help you get the most out of our resources.
  • Drop-in sessions​ are regularly scheduled should you need general resource advice from any of our Academic Librarians
  • Check out our MetFlix quick help videos from Library Services and IT
  • You can arrange one-to-one sessions with the Academic Librarian​ for your School​ if you need tailored subject specific information

We also deliver a number of training courses throughout the year. Below you will find more information about the courses on offer. Please contact us or pop along to one of our learning centres if you need more help and advice.


​Bibliometrics for researchers

Target audience: Academic staff and researchers who are keen to learn about the use of bibliometrics to demonstrate academic influence.

Aims and objectives: The session will provide an overview of bibliometrics and highlight the analysis tools available at Cardiff Met. The applications and limitations of bibliometrics will be explored.

By the end of the session, participants will be familiar with the following methods of measuring research impact:

  • journal based metrics
  • article based metrics
  • researcher based metrics
  • Altmetrics

Timing: 1 hour


Copyright for researchers

Target audience: Academic staff and researchers

Aims and objectives: Keeping on the right side of copyright law is essential when researching and publishing. This practical session will highlight useful copyright resources and consider common copyright issues that researchers face. The session is designed to raise awareness and does not constitute legal advice.

The session will cover:

  • a general introduction to copyright
  • use of images
  • Creative Commons licences
  • seeking usage permission
  • author rights

Timing: 2 hours


Introduction to EndNote

Target audience: Academic staff and researchers. Undergraduates in final year of study considered.

Aims and objectives: Would you like to quickly and easily create, store, organise and format references for your research projects? This interactive workshop will show you how EndNote, the powerful bibliographic management tool officially supported by Cardiff Met, can do just that. Progress is assessed one month later in a follow-up one-to-one session.

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • created an EndNote library
  • practiced adding references the EndNote library
  • practiced attaching full text documents to references
  • organised references using Groups
  • chosen a bibliographic style
  • inserted references into Word using Cite While You Write (CWYW)
  • registering with EndNote Online to store references in the cloud
  • created a back-up copy of the EndNote library

Timing: 2 hours

NB: In addition to the scheduled course dates, bespoke sessions for up to 10 staff and/or students can also be organised upon application to Jamie Finch.


Introduction to Document Delivery

Target audience: Academic staff and researchers

Aims and objectives: Document Delivery plays an important role in ensuring Cardiff Met staff and students have access to materials beyond our collection and this session will provide a complete overview of the service.

By the end of the session participants will know how to:

  • request an Inter Library Loan (ILL)
  • register for Desktop Delivery of ILLs
  • request theses via EThOS
  • access materials in Cardiff Met’s institutional repository
  • use the Cardiff Met’s Digitisation service for electronic copies of core reading for your students to access via the VLE

Timing: 1 hour


Open access support for the post-2014 REF

Target audience: Academic staff and researchers

Aims and objectives: This session is designed to introduce researchers to the requirements of the HEFCE OA policy and the steps that have been put in place at Cardiff Met to enable compliance. The session will provide guidance on making your research outputs open access and include a demonstration of the institutional repository.

Timing: 1 hour


NB: All of our training courses for staff are subject to standard staff development guidelines and polices.