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​​What is Outlook Live?

Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Student Email is provided in collaboration with Microsoft and utilises a cloud based service called Outlook Live.



How do I access Outlook Live?

The recommended method for accessing email via a web browser is by visiting and clicking the Email icon.
Please see the Accessing Student Email Flash Guide for full details.​


What is my email address?

You will have two addresses on the email system as follows. These addresses and your name details are set by Cardiff Met’s registration system. Unfortunately, you are unable to change the email addresses, however if you notice an issue with your name then you may contact the Academic Registry to change this.

​a) student e.g.

b) e.g.

Should the name used on b) mean there is a duplicate address already registered then a number will also be used in the email address to make it unique

Please note the latter email address is subject to change. For example if you notice any spelling mistakes in your name then it will change. For this reason you are advised to use the email address containing your Student Number as much as possible.


​​How long will my Outlook Live account and my mailbox contents be available?

If you don’t access your account for 365 days, then all your messages, folders, and contacts are deleted. Incoming messages will also be sent back to the sender as undeliverable.

After you leave Cardiff Met your email account and its contents will continue to be accessible for a period of 1 year afterwards. You will need to access this by visiting and signing in with your Office 365 username​ ( and your last Cardiff Met password.

Are my email folders backed up by Microsoft and if I accidentally delete messages can they restore them?