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Doctor of Management* (DMgt)  (Taught Doctorate Degree)

Course Overview

This course provides for advanced research study in the field of Management. It aims to provide aspiring managers and business specialists with key insights in to research theory and practice within the management discipline. Specifically the objectives of this course are:

  1. 1. To develop advanced research training and leading edge research practice and management theory at a professional and academic level.

2. To provide an interdisciplinary context to research, gaining support from a variety of technical, academic and disciplinary contexts.

3. Develop and apply key knowledge and understanding of Management theory and research practice to complex systems, both systematically and creatively, to advance and improve management theory and practice.

4. To enhance independent and high level learning skills and personal development (critical awareness of the limits of various research techniques via taught modules and debates) so that researchers are able to work with self-direction and originality and to contribute to the management discipline.

*This programme is subject to validation for September 2017 entry and the information provided may be subject to change.  All new programmes at the University must undergo validation, the purpose of which is to ensure that the proposed programme is aligned to the University’s Mission and its content reflects appropriate levels of academic standards and quality.

Course Content

Students will study 540 credits of specialist study in a range of Management topics. The course is made up of 240 credits of taught study followed by a 300 Credit Research based thesis.

The following modules will be studied.

Credits gained from a recognized Masters Degree                          120 Credits (Level 7)
Advanced Research Practice                                                                       20 Credits (Level 8)
Advanced Social Research Perspectives                                                   20 Credits (Level 8)
Advanced Social Research Methodology                                                  20 Credits (Level 8)
Research Paper and Proposal                                                                    60 Credits (Level 8)
Research Thesis                                                                                            300 Credits (Level 8)