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Ceramics – BA (Hons) Degree

Course Overview

Clay is the enabler of every civilization on earth. It’s synonymous with human ingenuity and humankind’s conquering of nature.

When you join this course you become skilled in working with this most versatile of materials. You learn to feel the world through your hands. You take risks and rise to creative challenges – using both traditional methods and cutting-edge approaches.

This dynamic and progressive programme has a long-standing global reputation for excellence in the field that attracts students, practitioners and academics from all over the world. You will join a vibrant community of ceramicists, learning from each other as you shape and mould to convey meaning and tell stories.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have started your career, developed visionary ideas and changed perceptions of the material world.

Course information on this page relates to September 2017 entry.

Please note: This programme will undergo periodic review in early 2017. As such, course content shown below may change to ensure the programme remains current. Any applicants will be informed of any changes once confirmed.

​Course Content​

We embody the material of ceramics from the iron in our blood to the calcium in our bones; from the bricks making up our homes, to the cup from which we drink. It is easy to recognize that clay is the one material that we share with every single person on earth.

The vibrancy of the material has enabled Ceramics at CSAD to continually take risks and rise to creative challenges. This stems from fostering a community of ceramicists operating at undergraduate, postgraduate, and Doctoral levels, who produce a wealth of critically engaged enquiry.

Our dedicated studios will be your home throughout the course. You’ll work across a broad range of processes, exploring the full potential of ceramics and gaining advanced skills. You’ll learn from a team of practising ceramicists and have opportunities to experience a variety of taught practices – including:

  • Alchemy – glaze technology, encompassing geographical and socio-historical debate
  • Throwing – traditional pottery techniques from domestic ware and double walled vessels to sculptural composite forms
  • Hand modelling – the human form in clay, from ornamental and sculptural work to fine base relief
  • Cob building – traditional practices with contemporary application, encompassing sustainable builds and environmentally aware practices
  • Mold making – casting in plaster, mixed-media molds (fabric/combustible), composite molds, lathe turning
  • Surface pattern – printing techniques – including transfers, screen print and on-glaze
  • Firing – electric, gas, raku, soda, saggar, building external kilns to explore both function and performance
  • Digital fabrication – including learning software and application of 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC modelling

The course is structured to give you valuable insight into the ceramics industry as you plan for your future – whether you want to set up your own studio, extend your studies or join a professional practice. There are opportunities for industry work placements, studying abroad or collaborating on a research project.