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About the School

Connect with the world around you. Examine it from every angle. Question it, feel it. Open yourself to new experiences. Feed your creativity – and you can change the world.

At Cardiff School of Art and Design, creativity is shaped by your experiences. We give you opportunities to see things differently, to explore disciplines and cultures. We push you to expand your horizons and build your skills every single day.

As a CSAD student, you get a thorough, deep understanding of your chosen specialism. But you venture beyond your subject. You collaborate with fellow students. Explore the ideas and theory behind your craft. Draw inspiration from everywhere and everyone – and see where it takes you.

Because when you see a textile project through the eyes of a photographer – or apply architectural thinking to fine art – you create something new, that makes the world sit up.

Choose your own path. Develop new skills in our extensive workshops. Create a business plan – or travel abroad. Get a taste of professional life with a placement with one of our industry partners, or critique the latest research. ​

Learn how to shape your future. So when you leave us – to be a practitioner, take your studies further or set up your own business – you’re ready to change the world.

The Degree

Each year of Cardiff School of Art & Design undergraduate degree courses is built upon three core modules. These are called Subject, Field & Constellation.


This is your specialism, where you belong, the home during your time at university. You’ll focus on subject modules that will immerse you in the concepts and practices of your chosen degree. You will be creatively and academically challenged, whilst building on your existing skills by taking part in workshops, tutorials and studio practice projects.