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What is volunteering?

“Any non-compulsory activity which involves spending time, unpaid, doing something which is of benefit to others (excluding relatives), society or the environment.”

The Cabinet Office

Why volunteer?

  • Volunteering gives you the opportunity to help others in your community and beyond
  • It will always make a positive difference to someone’s life
  • Volunteering will have a positive impact on your life, providing a new challenge
  • It can improve your skills, and demonstrate your energy and enthusiasm
  • It will build your confidence and introduce you to new networks of people and possibly some new friends
  • It might even help you decide on the career path that you want to take after graduation

Employers are looking for more than a qualification

  • Skills gained through volunteering often mirror the qualities that employers look for
  • In the competitive job market, organisations want graduates with the degree and the transferable skills that are needed for the world of work

Interested in Volunteering?

Find out more and browse the current opportunities .

Already Volunteering?

Volunteering information

How often to Volunteer?

  • Any voluntary involvement is good but obviously the more you have the greater your experience, the more material you will have to draw on when talking to your future employer
  • Only you can decide how much time you can spare in addition to studying and any part-time work you are undertaking.
  • There are occasional one-off events which you can join in with throughout the year. Also, external organisations often want volunteers for one off events (bucket shakes, stewards etc.).
  • One-off opportunities are promoted on our Facebook group, search Volunteers@CCCU

Where can I Volunteer?

  • The most personally rewarding experience undoubtedly comes from a regular commitment to an organisation
  • You can find your own place to volunteer through personal knowledge or by searching the website
  • You can apply direct to one of the organisations on our volunteering website (You can also log your hours on the same site)
  • You can ask the Volunteer Co-ordinator ( ) for suggestions, based on your interests or relevant to the subjects you are studying

Why should I log my hours?

  • We ask you to log your volunteer hours so that Christ Church can formally recognise the time and effort you have invested to make a difference to others
  • At the end of each academic year, we present certificates based on the number of hours that students have volunteered. When you leave University, we give you a certificate with the cumulative total
  • This can form part of your CV/portfolio, to showcase yourself to potential employers
  • It also feeds into the Christ Church Extra Award