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Canterbury Varsity 2017: The ones to watch

Edie Kelly has contacted the captains from every sports team to find out who we should watch out for in Varsity this year.

With less than a week to go, I have once again contacted all of the captains to find out who we should be looking out for as we face the University of Kent in the University’s biggest calendar event of the year – Varsity. If you’ve never been or don’t really know much about CCSU Sport, I hope this will give you a little more confidence to go and watch what really is an outstanding spectacle of all the sports involved.

A big thank you to all the teams that participated, and to the organisers for making this event happen as well as all the teams photographers. Good luck to all the teams involved and lets hope for our first ever win as a University. Here we go…

Thursday 9th February

9:30am – Swimming @ Kingsmead Leisure Centre – Josh Ryan & Charlotte Rouncivell
Josh was new to the team in September and had previously taken a short break from swimming. Throughout the year however, Josh has been consistently working hard and has cemented his place in the Christ Church swim team. His work ethic at training has really helped to push other members of the club to work harder to earn their place in the team. Expect maximum effort and good performances throughout the competition especially in the 50m freestyle.

Charlotte is in her second year of swimming for Uni and was elected women’s captain for the year. Having previously swam at a very high standard she has been getting back to her best. At BUCS this year Charlotte not only managed to finish 54th out of 226 competitors, but also managed to beat her Kent opposite by almost 3 seconds. This is her second Varsity and in her current form you should expect a fast 50m Backstroke.

Friday 10th February

12pm – Women’s Lacrosse @ UKC 3G  – Noora Vertanen

After spending the last year studying and playing lacrosse in America, Noora has come back this year better than ever. Noora is a valuable asset to the team with her advanced and effortless stick skills and strong defensive play, as well as her tactics for not just herself but the entire team. Noora’s ability to read the game is wonderful, allowing her to always be at the right place at the right time to offer support for both the attack and the defence. Noora is a largely relied upon player throughout the entire game especially within defence, which has been reflected by her winning player of the match more than once this year.

2pm – Men’s Lacrosse @ UKC 3G – Dave Hart

Now in his Masters year and embarking on his 4th Varsity for CCCU Men’s Lacrosse, the one to watch this year is Dave Hart. Dave has committed all of his four years at Christ Church to lacrosse and achieved a very high standard of play in the process. Captaining them for 2 seasons, scoring over 50 goals and representing the club brilliantly at South-East level, he has consistently been one of the most valuable and exciting players. The only thing missing from his glittering C4 career is a varsity title. In what will be his last one on the 10th February, he wants it more than anything. With the form he’s in this year, along with the rest of the team, I can’t see anything other than a Christ Church win.

5pm – Women’s Football @ UKC 3GX – Jemma Barton

Jemma currently plays for Swale Ladies FC and 2017 marks her second time playing at Varsity for C4 Women’s Football. She is a very committed member and is an incredible talent. Jemma plays in Centre Midfield and is a fearless, energetic and bold player. She is an asset to our team and you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of her tackles! She will be a key player to assist the team to their 6th Varsity win in a row.

6:30pm – Cheerleading Demonstration @ UKC 3GX – Ellie Walls
The one to watch this year for the CCCU Jets is one of their freshers Ellie Walls. This is Ellie’s first year as a cheerleader and has committed 100% to training and learning new skills. Even though you wont see much of Ellie performing at Varsity as she is unfortunately injured – she has still attended every session to work on her flexibility and memorises routines. Ellie is a pleasure to have on the team as she is fun loving and easy going. She is not scared of trying new skills and because of this she has learnt new tumbles including her round off back handspring. When it comes to fundraising, Ellie has always been there and suggested new ideas to raise money. Ellie is a fantastic flyer and one of the main girls you will see flying in the air at comp.

7:30pm – Men’s Football 1s @ UKC 3GX – Callum Welling

This season Callum has been a vital player in the defence, playing a number of positions and excelling in all. He has always been a gifted player but has improved greatly this year. This will be Callum’s final varsity and his experience and reliability could be a key component to our game. Let’s just hope he can stay on his feet and on the pitch!

Saturday 11th February

9am – Men’s & Women’s Cross Country Run @ UKC Park Run – Fearghal Heaney & Gabija Rasiukeviciute

New to Christ Church, Fearghal has already established himself as one to beat over middle and long distance. Training hard on the roads, track and gym, Fearghal was the fastest Christ Church finisher at the Canterbury 10, and will be entering BUCS cross country as our quickest team member.

Successful in her home country of Lithuania, Gabija has achieved first place at the Baltic Countries Youth Championships, European Clubs Cup Track & Field Youth Group and second place at the Lithuanian Youth Championships. Now training in Canterbury under the guidance of Peter Mullervy, Gabija has already shown her high calibre with her performance at the Canterbury 10, and will no doubt be one to beat at Varsity.

9am -Women’s Badminton @ CCCU Sports Centre – Fern Jeffries

The one to watch in women’s badminton this year is Fern Jeffries. A fresher and new member to the team this year she has experienced playing in BUCS and is now ready to see what Varsity is all about. A highly valued player of the team she is a very skilled player and is not to be underestimated!


9am – Men’s Badminton @ CCCU Sports Centre – Jack Thurston

Jack has been out of the game for four years before making the badminton team this year, during the course of the year he has shown constant improvement in his game and has become a key member of the team with his willingness to play every game and the amount of effort which he gives during competition which will show as he plays in this Varsity fixture.

11:30am – Women’s Volleyball @ CCCU Sports Centre – Lily More