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By | 5th May 2017

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Canterbury Christ Church University Extenuating Circumstances

If you have missed, or are likely to miss, an assessment hand-in or examination, or feel your performance was impaired, due to a short-term, unexpected and unavoidable disruption to your studies such as illness or other misfortune, you may be eligible to make a request for an extension or another opportunity to undertake the assessment under the Extenuating Circumstances procedures.

You must complete the Extenuating Circumstances Request Form (ECRF) and email it, together with evidence where required, to the relevant Programme Administrator(s).

This flowchart describes the process for applying Extenuating Circumstances.

What can I request through this process?

  • An extension of up to 7 calendar days  by self-certifying (Option 1 on request form)
    • You do not need to provide supporting evidence.
    • You can only request this if you are applying before or, at the latest, on the day of your earliest listed assessment deadline.
    • You can only apply for self-certification a maximum of two times during an academic year.
  • An extension of longer than 7 days (Option 2 on request form)
    • You could request either up to 14 days or more than 14 days extension.
    • You must provide supporting professional evidence.
    • You can submit the request up to 7 calendar days after the earliest listed assessment deadline.
  • Another chance to take an assessment you have completed where you feel you under-performed due to personal difficulties (Option 3 on request form)
    • You must have already submitted or sat your assessment to apply for this option.
    • You must provide supporting professional evidence.
    • You must submit this request on the day of or within 7 days of your earliest listed assessment.

Note:  Your Programme will email your University email account with the University’s response to any Extenuating Circumstance request, so it is crucial you check this account regularly.

What are extenuating circumstances?

As a student, you are expected to complete your assessments, including examinations and other time-constrained assessments, on time. However, there are occasions when there might be a short-term, unexpected and unavoidable disruption to your studies resulting from illness, difficult personal circumstances or events outside your control that have either prevented you from completing an assessment by the due date or impaired (that is adversely affected) your performance in a specific assessment. In such situations the University has arrangements called ‘Extenuating Circumstances Procedures’ that may enable you to have an extension or further opportunity to take an assessment.

The grounds for making an extenuating circumstances request are:

  • Where you have missed, or expect that you will miss, an assessment hand-in or examination due to an illness or other misfortune (Options 1 and 2 on the request form); or
  • Where you have handed in an assessment or sat an examination on the required date but feel that your performance was adversely affected by your circumstances and you wish to have the opportunity to submit the work again as if for the first time (Option 3 on the request form).


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