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Canterbury Christ Church University Degree Classification

For straight forward information on Academic Appeals please read this leaflet.

You can also use our handy online tool to calculate your degree average.

Remember: the tool is a Students’ Union tool, it is not an official University tool and all degree classifications are determined by the official Exam Board results released by the University. For students on some programmes your results may be calculated differently or there may be specific pass requirements for your programme / professional registration.

I have received my assignment back and the mark is not what I expected can I appeal?

Essentially students cannot appeal against the academic judgement of the University. If you do not think that you deserved the mark that you have been given then you need to meet with your marking tutor who can better explain the reasons behind your mark; if it is not apparent from the feedback given on your cover sheet. If you have been given a mark which is below the pass mark and the work was your first submission then the usual decision of an Exam Board would be to allow you a resubmission (if your programme allows for resubmissions). Resubmissions are usually capped at the pass mark. If you have not been offered a resubmission on a first submission then you should speak to your programme director, this may not require an academic appeal and may just need you to meet with your programme director to discuss the issue. If your mark is merely lower than you would have liked, or you feel that you did meet all the marking criteria but you were still marked low, or if you feel that the marking tutor marked your work lower than other marking tutors or other students, then you need to meet with either your marking tutor, your module leader or your programme director to informally discuss the issue. You should contact the relevant member of staff and ask for a tutorial or brief meeting with them, keep it informal and merely ask the questions that have been puzzling you.

There is a University policy on marking which outlines the process through which your work goes in order to be marked. The module coordinator will assign marking tutors who should all be following the same marking criteria when marking your work; these criteria should be made available to you either in your programme handbook or along with the assignment brief.  All work or a percentage of all work (covering a full range of awards from failed to 1st) will have been second marked by another marking tutor to ensure parity across the module. All work once second marked will have to be seen by the External Examiner; this is someone external from the University who ratifies all marks awarded in accordance with the marking criteria and in relation to marking across the module.  No marks are finalised until the final Exam Board at the end of the academic year, at which your programme director presents all the marks for all assignment for all students. The External Examiners then ratify these marks and finalises grades.

I have been informed by my programme that I have failed a module, can I appeal?

The first thing that you want to do is ascertain from your programme director what effect failing this module will have on your overall mark profile (i.e. how you are doing on the course as a whole).  Can you carry a failed module and still pass and proceed into the next year of study? Does failing this module mean that you have failed the programme? It is worth contacting your programme director and asking for a meeting to discuss your position on the programme. Essentially students cannot appeal against the academic judgement of the University. Students can only appeal under 5 grounds and you can only appeal once your marks have been agreed by an Exam Board at which your programme director presents all the marks for all assignments for all students, and External Examiners then ratify these marks and finalise grades. Once you have received your University Transcript / Written Communication / Online Academic Summary you have 20 working days in which to appeal.

Essentially, you cannot appeal against your awarded academic grade, however you can appeal if you feel that;

A)     You were not offered a resubmission, when it is permitted by the Programme
B)     Evidence relating to illness or misfortune was submitted at the time, within the timeframe, but not properly considered
C)     There is evidence of an administrative error which had an impact
D)     There is evidence that the programme did not act in accordance with current regulations
E)     There is evidence of illness or misfortune which had an impact but it was not possible to inform the programme at the time

The form for initiating an Academic Appeal can be found HERE