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Buckinghamshire New University Holidays

University Terms and Academic Calendar

There are two calendars in operation at the University.

Calendar A applies to most full-time undergraduate students who study at the High Wycombe Campus.

Calendar B applies to students who study at the Uxbridge Campus. It also applies to some students enrolled on courses in the Faculty of Society & Health who study at the High Wycombe Campus. Students on pre-registration nursing programmes should also refer to the Placements Planner on their Blackboard Organisation for details of holiday periods.

Please check with your Faculty, Course / Programme Leader or your Academic Department if you are not sure which calendar applies to you. In particular, if you study part-time or are not an undergraduate student you should also check as above, as your term dates may differ from those given below.

University Terms

Below is a table of term dates for this academic year and for academic years going forward. Dates include scheduled teaching weeks and assessment / examination periods. Graduation week dates have been provided for ease of reference. The University has a range of activities throughout the year and these dates may be subject to change, depending on the course you are studying and the level you study at. Please refer to your Programme Handbook for more detailed information on course activities.

Calendar ACalendar B
2016-2017Download Detailed Calendar (pdf) (Excel)Download Detailed Calendar (pdf) (Excel)
Term 1Monday 26 September – Friday 16 December 2016Monday 26 September – Friday 23 December 2016
Term 2Monday 9 January – Friday 31 March 2017Monday 9 January – Friday 7 April 2017
Term 3Monday 24 April – Friday 2 June 2017Monday 24 April – Friday 9 June 2017
Graduation WeekMonday 4 – Friday 8 September 2017Monday 4 – Friday 8 September 2017
2017-2018Download Provisional Calendar (pdf) (Excel)Download Provisional Calendar (pdf) (Excel)
Term 1Monday 25 September – Friday 15 December 2017Monday 25 September – Friday 22 December 2017
Term 2Monday 8 January – Friday 23 March 2018Monday 8 January – Friday 23 March 2018
Term 3Monday 16 April – Friday 1 June 2018Monday 9 April – Friday 8 June 2018
Graduation WeekMonday 10 – Friday 14 September 2018Monday 10 – Friday 14 September 2018
2018-2019Download Provisional Calendar (pdf) (Excel)Download Provisional Calendar (pdf) (Excel)
Term 1Monday 1 October – Friday 21 December 2018Monday 1 October – Friday 21December 2018
Term 2Monday 14 January – Friday 5 April 2019Monday 7 January – Friday 12 April 2019
Term 3Monday 29 April – Friday 7 June 2019Monday 29 April – Friday 14 June 2019
Graduation WeekMonday 9 – Friday 13 September 2019Monday 9 – Friday 13 September 2019

Note: There will be no scheduled teaching on Bank Holidays. Calendars may be updated throughout the year so please check back periodically for the latest version.