Buckinghamshire New University History

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Buckinghamshire New University History

The name ‘Buckinghamshire New University’ was approved in October 2007. This marked a significant new chapter in the history of the University.

With the completion of the state-of-the-art Gateway building Bucks now boasts a modern integrated learning resources centre, music recording studios, video production suites and a fitness centre. The building won a RIBA award in 2010.

A second site in Uxbridge provides cutting edge theatres enabling nursing students to take a more hands on approach to their education.

We have also opened University Campus Aylesbury Vale in collaboration with the local Council and Buckinghamshire Education, Skills and Training.

High Wycombe Technical School in 1906

19th century origins

Founded in 1891 as the School of Science and Art, it was initially established with public funds raised from a tax on beer and spirits and set about providing evening classes to residents of High Wycombe and the local area.

20th century

After World War I, it was renamed the Wycombe Technical Institute, forging close links with local crafts such as furniture making and cabinetry and helping to provide skills to injured war veterans in order that they might find work in local industries.

Further building took place after World War II, and on 6 May 1963 the new facilities were officially opened by the Minister of Education, Sir Edward Boyle. A new change of name, the High Wycombe College of Art and Technology accompanied this expansion.

Even as late as the 1960s, around 3,000 people worked in the manufacture of furniture in High Wycombe, and 80% of the wooden chairs manufactured in Britain were made there.

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