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Buckinghamshire New University Grants

Loans and gra nts

Most students pay for their studies though loans and grants. Depending on your method of study, education and loan history as well as other varying criteria you may be eligible for some level of support.

This section covers the most common financial student support through loans via student finance and professional bank loans.

If you are looking for student support but are not sure what is available to suit your circumstances, your first stop should be direct.gov.uk/studentfinance.

Financial help

To learn about the financial support we have available, including the Bucks Scholarship Programme, Bucks Hardship Fund and short term loans, please visit bucks.ac.uk/support. We also offer the Bucks Advantage Bursary Scheme and help for students on our Further Education programmes. All loans, grants and bursaries from Bucks are awarded based on specific eligibility and criteria.

What funding is available for Postgraduate students?
Funding may be available to Bucks students studying social work and nursing through the NHS.

Bucks also offer certain discounts to students who have recently graduated with us, please visit our bucks.ac.uk/pgfunding to find out more.

From September 2016, the Government will provide a loan of up to £10,000 per student for postgraduate masters study. Please note that full guidance has not been issued yet and the information is subject to final policy approval. Visit bucks.ac.uk/pgloan for more information.