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Buckinghamshire New University Fees

Courses and Fees

Students from the European Union who have applied and are expecting to begin university courses in the autumn 2016 will have their student loans funding honoured.

EU students who are already attending UK universities will continue to receive financial support.

Further information is available from the Student Loans Company.

Studying for higher education, especially in another country is likely to be one of the biggest decisions you are likely to make. That’s why we think you should have all the information you need to know about the wide range of courses we offer.

For more information on our postgraduate loyalty discounts please visit bucks.ac.uk/pgdiscount and select the heading ‘Postgraduate Fee Discount in the faculty of Design Media and Management’ or ‘Postgraduate Fee Discount in the faculty of Society and Health’.

Overseas tuition fees

 Course type   2012-13  2013-14   2014-15  2015-16  2016-17
 Full-time Undergraduate (BA/BSc (Hons),
LLB (Hons), BEng, FDA, FDSC)
 £8,900  £9,200  £9,500  £9,500 £9,500
 Full-time Undergraduate UCFB courses taught at Wembley  x  x  £13,000  £13,000 x
 Full-time Postgraduate courses (MA/MSc,
MEng, LLM) Excluding MA
Advertising, MBA
 £9,100  £9,100  £9,400  £9,400 £9,400
 Full-time International MBA 180 credits  £10,300  £10,300  £10,600 £10,600 £10,600
 Full-time International MBA 120 credits  £6,800  £7,000  £7,200  £7,200 £7,200
 Full-time International MBA 60 credits  x  x  £3,600  £3,600 £3,600
 Full-time Postgraduate Diploma Business Management  £6,800 £7,000  £7,200  £7,200 £7,200
 Full-time MA Advertising  £11,800 £11,800  £11,800  £11,800 £11,800
 Full-time Foundation Studies Art and Design  £6,300  £6,300  £6,300  £6,300 £6,300
 Full-time International Foundation
  £7,500  £7,800  £8,000  £8,000 x
 BSc (Hons) Nursing & Healthcare  £5,150  £5,300  £5,450  x x
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 Full-time International Research Degree  x  x  £9,950  x Contact  us