Buckinghamshire New University Directorate

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Buckinghamshire New University Directorate


Our directorates are the important professional services providing administrative support to the University.

They range from marketing our courses and keeping the website running, to providing students with support from enrolment to graduation.

Academic Quality

Working in partnership with the faculties, AQD supports a range of services and processes which assure and enhance the student experience. Our work covers the following areas:

Academic Assessment & Conduct
Academic appeals, academic misconduct, mitigating circumstances, fitness to practise, examinations and certification

Approval & review
Validation / revalidation of the University’s programmes, annual and periodic reviews of Departmental, Faculty and University provision

University Committees (including Governing Body), policies and regulations, external examiners and audit-related activities

UK/EU and international partnership arrangements (including compliance activities), Erasmus and student exchange programmes

Research Unit
Research degrees, research staff administration, projects, ethics and administration for the research excellence framework

We advise the University on sector requirements and best practice in each of these areas, providing a fair and consistent quality framework while safeguarding standards. We also support the implementation of University and Faculty strategies. For enquiries please email AQD@bucks.ac.uk.


Business Planning

The Business Planning Directorate supports the Vice-Chancellor & the Senior Management Team in making decisions to fulfil the University’s strategic plan. Functions include:

  • to coordinate the strategic planning process whereby Faculties and Directorate’s objectives are agreed and incorporated into the overall Strategic Plan;
  • to make recommendations about the overall development of the separate business plans in line with University strategies;
  • to undertake analysis and special projects with a strategic focus;
  • to coordinate and undertake the key statutory returns;
  • to coordinate and develop with senior colleagues the key performance metrics required to measure success in meeting our strategic objectives.