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Knowledge Transfer Partnership

     KTP provides a structured mechanism to gain funding for research and development projects between the University and external organisations. KTP is managed by Innovate UK, and sponsored by them with a range of other funders including research councils.  KTP has evolved over the past 40 years to support collaborative projects between academia and businesses with benefits for all partners. The purpose of the project is to transfer knowledge and expertise from the academic partner to the organisation to enable a step change in technology and expertise to impact on new products, manufacturing, operations, or underpinning systems that generate increased profits or enhanced business performance.

Project duration can be between 1 and 3 years, and are usually based at the company partner. Company partners can be of any size, provided that they are capable of making significant use of the knowledge transferred, and are financially viable. They can be operating in any area of technology. Academic supervision commitment is half a day per week or equivalent, usually delivered at the company partner.

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Brunel university london transfer

Application Process

The application process is a single stage, with an optional Fact Find Form to enable potential partnerships to explore whether KTP is the right route for them and the proposed project.

Full Proposal

This is a significant piece of work on the part of the company and the academic supervisor to describe the proposed project, the company and market environment in which the project will be carried out, and requires a robust business case.  The business case will include forecasts of projected growth in profits after the project has been completed.  A full workplan for the Associate is also included.

Assessment panels occur regularly throughout the year with results of submissions given within a week or two of the panel meetings.


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