Brunel university london reviews

Brunel university london reviews

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Study experience: Brunel University London

Studied in London , United Kingdom
Studied at: Brunel University London
Study period: Oct ’11 – May ’12
Experience rating:
5 out of 10
Type of study: Master
Jan ’13

It depends on how much …

It depends on how much money the student has: If the student has enough money London would be fine.
Regarding social and cultural anthropology, the Brunel University is not the best place to study this field of studies because it is a young engeneering university at the first place. Social and cultural anthropology has to be in the neighbourhood of all kind of arts like history, area studies, languages. SOAS, for example, is the better university for anthropology, I think.
Finally, the university social life did not convince me at all.

Level of study was …

* Level of study was quite low compared to home university in Austria
* Diverse culture
* Friendly atmosphere
* Univeristy too much like school, too little indpendence wanted/needed
* very nice halls
* 24/7 library during term, very nice
* I joined the climbing society BUMS, where I met one of the best friends during my stay in Brunel. I learned a lot about climbing and it was always a lot of fun. If you are interested in climbing, just give it a try.

Brunel university london reviews

I recommend this particular university because it is listed …

I recommend this particular university because it is listed in the top 100 world’s best universities. And I was informed by my father’s friend, who is now pursuing his PhD at the said University says that the lecturers there are very helpful in dissertations and assignments.