Brunel university london law ranking

Brunel university london law ranking

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     A message from Professor Arad Reisberg, Head of Brunel Law School


A warm welcome to Brunel Law School website! It offers an opportunity to look into the programs and people of our vibrant, diverse and friendly community. Immediately below you will find more information about our history and the exciting programmes we offer-so have a read!

At Brunel Law School great importance is attached to the quality of learning and teaching and research. You will see information on our web pages about the 3 and 4 year versions of our LLB degree, the wide range of postgraduate courses and the opportunities to undertake doctoral research. Our unique four-year degree programme incorporates work experience in selected placements which enhances employability after graduation.

Brunel Law School is part of a thriving interdisciplinary Department which also includes Politics and History. It has achieved excellent results in the Research Assessment Exercise in 2014. The School has a superb research record with 97.5% of our staff submitted. We are ranked 14th in the UK in terms of Research Intensity. These results confirm Brunel Law School’s status as one of the UK’s leading research intensive law schools. It also means that all our staff are engaged in research of a very high quality.

Studying at Brunel Law School brings with it the benefit of being able to explore and enjoy London, with everything that this great capital city has to offer from arts and culture to sports and financial services.

We welcome you, value you, and look forward to working with you!

Professor Arad Reisberg

September 2016

Historical Background

Law has been taught at Brunel University London (in the former Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) since the establishment of the University in 1966. A full Law degree was introduced in 1969, with the first degrees being awarded in 1973. August 2004 saw the creation of the School of Social Sciences and Law and a major expansion in the Law staff to its current size. Brunel Law School was established as a self-standing Law School in October 2006.When the University was restructured in 2014, it became part of the Department of Politics, History and Law which in turn is part of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences. Over the years, Brunel Law School has established itself as a major player in the UK law research landscape and is ranked as one of the top law schools in the UK for research. Students are the first beneficiaries of this research culture.

Brunel university london law

Undergraduate Degrees in Law

Brunel Law School has a current undergraduate population of approximately 550 taking the LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws) degree, which may be taken as a three-year or four-year programme.