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Accessing the network

All of our students and staff members are entitled to a Brunel Network Account. This account you access to the internet, email, wireless and many more services. The list below briefly explains some of the computing services available.

Brunel Network Account (username and password)

During the online enrolment/registration process, new students joining us will be given a Brunel Network Account which consists of a username and password.

Please bring your University identification (student ID card) when registering for network access. New staff joining the University should bring to the Computing Support office any document that states they are employed by Brunel University as proof of identity.To quicken the process ask your department to inform the Computing Support team in advance so the details are ready for collection. Queries related to network access can be directed to the computing support team.

We recommend that you work through the first three items as quickly as possible to set up your network access. All the other information will help you with Computer Centre service information as well as what the account provides.


1.  Obtain a Brunel Network Account

  • If you are unable to obtain a Network Account then contact the computing support team
  • If you are a distance learning student and you have forgotten your password, then you will need to ask your departmental administrator or supervisor to obtain a new password on your behalf from the computing support team.

2.  Register with the Password Portal Service

  • To enable you to reset your password online, register on the Password Portal
  • NOTE: If you change your network password, then remember to change it on all your personal devices as well as disconnect and reconnect mapped drives, otherwise your device will continue to access using the old password and will then lock your account. If the account is locked out then you will be able to reset the password from the Password Portal. If you have not registered on the Password Portal, then you will be required to come in person to the Computer Centre Service Desk for a new one.

3.  Register with Connect Portal Service (optional)