Brunel university london foundation

Brunel university london foundation

About the course

Our foundation year course is designed to help you progress to a challenging and exciting career in computing or mathematics. Our carefully designed curriculum is particularly suitable for those who want to change direction, perhaps having taken A-levels in arts or humanities subjects, and for mature applicants returning to study. You will quickly find that willingness to learn and determination is more important than prior knowledge.

Once you have successfully completed your foundation year with the grades needed for your chosen computing or mathematics degree course, you progress directly into Level 1 of that degree –there’s no need to re-apply.

We look forward to helping you develop your learning and setting you firmly on the way to your chosen career.

Brunel university london foundation


Mathematics and Computing with Integrated Foundation Year provides an introduction to a variety of exciting and fastmoving disciplines in computing and mathematics.

The foundation year will help you clarify where your interests lie. You might opt for computer science and work with ever more sophisticated computer technology and information systems. Or you may find yourself drawn to mathematics where you will learn to model and solve problems from the worlds of business, finance and science.

All the degree courses below are linked to Mathematics and Computing with Integrated Foundation Year:

• Business Computing BSc

(with the option to specialise in Business, eBusiness, Human Computer Interaction or Social Media)

• Computer Science BSc

(with the option to specialise in Artificial Intelligence, Digital Media and Games, Network Computing or Software Engineering)

• Financial Mathematics BSc

• Mathematics BSc

• Mathematics with Computer Science BSc

• Mathematics and Statistics with Management BSc


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