Brunel university london fees

Brunel university london fees

Degree costs

As a full-time undergraduate student, you will have two main types of expenses at university – tuition fees and your living costs. The Government’s funding system of grants and loans means that you can choose not to pay anything until after you have finished your degree.

Tuition fees for September 2017 entry

Full-time courses

  • Home/EU£9,250 per year
  • International (non-EU) students: £14,400 (low band), £15,750 (mid band) or £17,500 (high band).


Part-time courses

Home/EU: 75% of the full-time fee (£6,750 for 2017/18) for the first four years. If it takes you six years, rather than four, to complete your studies, then you will pay nothing for the fifth or sixth year.

Overseas undergraduate subject fee bands

For overseas students, subject areas are classified as either low band (generally classroom-based), middle band or high band (generally requiring higher cost resources or equipment).

Low College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences (except Business, Communications & Media and Games Design)
Physical Education and Youth Sport
Middle Department of Business
Department of Mathematics (including Foundation)
Department of Computer Sciences
Games Design
Communication & Media Studies
High College of Health and Life Sciences (except Physical Education and Youth Sport & Psychology)
Department of Design
All Engineering Departments (including Foundation)

For fee purposes, students are classified as either Home/EU or overseas. Details of the criteria used for establishing fee status, can be found on the UK Council for International Student Affairs website. If you’re unsure whether you’re classified as Home/EU or overseas, contact the Admissions Office on +44 (0)1895 265265.

Fees for Associate module students

If you are taking a standalone module, you will be able to view your fee using this table for modules starting in the 2016/17 entry year.

If you are planning to take a standalone module within the 2017/18 cycle the fee can be found in this table.


Returning students

Fees for returning undergraduate students (e.g. those who started in September 2011 or earlier) have been set at £3,465 by the government (£2,600 for part-time courses).

Sandwich placement year

Sandwich courses last for four years. Thick-sandwich students spend Year 3 gaining work experience, while students following a thin-sandwich course benefit from two shorter work placements in Years 2 and 3.

The fee for a placement year is £1,000 and is payable in year 3 of a 4 year sandwich course, regardless of whether the course is thick or thin sandwich. A scholarship is available to cover the tuition fee of the placement year.

Fees are charged during sandwich years because of the continued support and assessment structures that form an integral part of your placement. We have Work Placement Officers and an infrastructure in place to support our students both on placement and seeking a placement. During a placement year, students will have access to university facilities and services, both on campus and online.

MEng and MMath courses

The fee for the final year of the MEng and MMath will be reduced by a fee waiver of one third of the full fee.

Professional health courses

Courses in subjects such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Specialist Community Public Health Nursing attract higher level tuition fees than standard courses, but you may well be eligible for extra or different funding to cover this.

Foundation years in Engineering or Information Technology

We offer an additional foundation year which is designed to prepare those who may not have the right qualifications to enter our Engineering and IT degrees. Fees for 2017/18 are as follows:

  • Home/EU: £6,170
  • International: £15,750 for IT; £17,500 for Engineering.

Miscellaneous fees

These fees are reviewed annually and the figures stated below are for 2016 entry. Please see Student Financial Policy for further information.

  • Re-registration fee: £220
  • Replacement transcript fee: £25 (for 10 copies)
  • Replacement certificate: £60

Fee payment dates

For the 2016/17 academic year, tuition fee payments for Home/EU students are due on the following dates:

Tuition Fees (Home / EU students):

Payment dates are as follows:

1st instalment due at enrolment (1/6 of fee), followed by 5 equal instalments on:

  • 2 November 2016
  • 7 December 2016
  • 25 January 2017
  • 15 February 2017
  • 8 March 2017

Brunel university london fees

Tution – September starters (overseas students):

Payment dates are as follows:

1st instalment due at enrolment – 60%, followed by a further instalment of 40%.

  • 25 January 2017

Tuition – January starters (Home / EU students):

Payment dates are as follows:

1st instalment due at enrolment (1/6 of fee), followed by 5 equal instalments on:

  • 15 February 2017
  • 8 March 2017
  • 29 March 2017
  • 3 May 2017
  • 7 June 2017

Tuition – January starters (overseas students):

1st instalment due at enrolment – 60%, followed by a further instalment of 40%.

  • 8 March 2017

International students will be required to pay 60% of the course fee at Registration and the remaining 40% at the start of the following term. If fully self-funding students wish to pay for the course in full on or before Registration they will receive a 2% discount.

Brunel university london fees

For campus accommodation fee payment dates, see the accommodation web pages.

You can pay accommodation and tuition fees online.

Fee refunds

Fees are due at the time of Registration and there is no entitlement to any reduction or refund if a student withdraws during the year. We may exceptionally allow reductions to self-supporting students. Please note that once you enrol, you become liable for fees, even if you subsequently withdraw. Please see the Student Financial policy for full details.

Fee discounts and deposits

  • Overseas student non-refundable deposit: £3,000
  • Prompt payment discount: 2%

Details of discounts for Brunel University graduates are given in Student Financial policy.

Prompt payment discount for self-funding students can be applied after the application of any other discounts to which they may be entitled.

Postgraduate fees